Tyranny – The Definition: Durham County N.C.

Tyranny — by Definition     Definition of tyranny (Merriam Webster Dictionary)     1 :  oppressive power <every form of tyranny over the mind of man — Thomas Jefferson>; especially :  oppressive power exerted by government <the tyranny of a police state>   Please help if you can. Share this info. A financial contribution willContinue reading “Tyranny – The Definition: Durham County N.C.”

14th Amendment: Class is in Session

There is a lot of banter back & forth concerning the 14th Amendment and it’s intent. I will now share with you folks the TRUTH about it. >>> 1st off, the 14th Amendment was not legally ratified. — WHAT???? I hear you say. What do you mean Silence? OK follow me now — The 14thContinue reading “14th Amendment: Class is in Session”

Cruz Control – Part II

  Again, let me start by saying that I like Ted Cruz. He’s a warrior for Liberty & a True Statesman. Again, he is NOT ‘Constitutionally Eligible’ to hold the office of President of the United States. I’ll provide you with some additional information. 1st off — I hear lots of folks going on MarkContinue reading “Cruz Control – Part II”

Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth – Cruz Control

      First off, let me start by saying that I respect Senator Ted Cruz, and I think he is a true statesman & warrior for liberty. I honestly do. However, as much I like him, I still have the knowledge that he is not eligible to be the President of the United StatesContinue reading “Truth, the Whole Truth, & Nothing but the Truth – Cruz Control”

NC GOP Resolution for Closed Primary

                               Resolution to close Republican primaries in North Carolina.     Whereas, the current North Carolina practice of holding open primaries, could allow non-Republicans to pick the North Carolina GOP candidates for the general election. Whereas, the North Carolina GOP can close the primaries as per ;§ 163 119. Voting byContinue reading “NC GOP Resolution for Closed Primary”

The Battle of King, NC – A Comment

                 The following came to me via a comment on the 1st Battle of King blog. I chose not to publish it in its entirety as a comment, but felt it deserved its OWN separate posting.           In August of 2003, the Mayor of King, two city staff members, and five AmericanContinue reading “The Battle of King, NC – A Comment”

Luis Gutierrez Commits Libel Against Republicans

      As most of you know, Luis Gutierrez, the Illinois Representative from the 4th District, is a big advocate for Immigration Reform. Just as André Carson & Keith Ellison are pushing for Sharia Law to rule here in the USA — being that they are Muslim and follow Islam & the Quran. TheyContinue reading “Luis Gutierrez Commits Libel Against Republicans”

Valerie ‘Nagaina’ Jarrett and Bibi

            Below is a COPY/PASTE from the link. You know, just in case ONE site gets scrubbed. You never know WHEN the FCC might start ‘Reg-U-Maw-Lating’ this here internet thingy!     Source     We have all seen the White House’s reaction to House Speaker John Boehner inviting IsraeliContinue reading “Valerie ‘Nagaina’ Jarrett and Bibi”

DACA 2015 Questions and NON-Answers

UPDATE: April 22, 2015 — DACA Dude linked to killing 3 people here in NC.           http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/04/21/obamas-tragic-immigration-error-three-dead-at-the-hands-of-a-known-gang-member-who-was-spared-from-deportation/ iuy ~~~ End of Updates ~~~ Good Morning Patriots. Today is the 70th Anniversary of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. Our fathers & grandfathers faced all sorts of threats to ensure our current freedoms. AndContinue reading “DACA 2015 Questions and NON-Answers”