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There is a lot of banter back & forth concerning the 14th Amendment and it’s intent. I will now share with you folks the TRUTH about it.

1st off, the 14th Amendment was not legally ratified.WHAT???? I hear you say. What do you mean Silence?
OK follow me now — The 14th was ‘Allegedly Ratified’ on July 9, 1868. In July of 1868, there were 37 states in the union. 3/4ths of the states were required to LEGALLY RATIFY any amendment. That means 28 States must pass the resolution. Only 21 did so legally.

Click to enlarge the image.

Click to enlarge the image.


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Ten of the Southern States REFUSED to ratify it. Six of the Northern, and other States failed to ratify it via their legislatures. 37 minus 16 gives us 21 — Twenty One states that ratified the 14th Amendment. Therefore the Amendment FAILED Ratification!


OK, so we’ve determined that the 14th doesn’t hold any LEGAL Water. But, for sake of argument, let us pretend that it DOES.

Now, I want you to forget all that you’ve heard from the Lawyers, & the Talking Heads, & Pundits, and whatnot. I want you to read for yourself and THINK — Comprehend what you’re reading.

“Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Alrighty then — you got that?…And subject to the jurisdiction thereof…
Now I want to focus on WHO EXACTLY is Subject to the Jurisdiction of the US.


Citizens and LEGAL RESIDENTS of the US are Subject to the US’s jurisdiction.

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The ONLY place that you will find where an Official Document states otherwise, is the Code of Federal Regulations, part 31 section 515. And that section is referring to CUBA and our sanctions against it.


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Even the IRS Website states the definition of Illegal Aliens — They are ‘Nonresident Aliens’.



Click to enlarge

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Then there is THIS from the discussion in 1866 via Senator Edgar Cowan:

Click to enlarge

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And finally, I want you to notice what the US Constitution has to say about WHERE the US has Jurisdiction.



Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge



So, even if you want to consider the 14th Amendment still in place & ‘ACTIVE’ — It does NOT confer US Citizenship to someone who is here Illegally. ONLY to Citizens AND LEGAL Residents.


Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty First Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen.

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UPDATE: April 22, 2015 — DACA Dude linked to killing 3 people here in NC.



~~~ End of Updates ~~~

Good Morning Patriots. Today is the 70th Anniversary of the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. Our fathers & grandfathers faced all sorts of threats to ensure our current freedoms. And today, it’s OUR TURN to fight for freedom for our children & grandchildren.


Today’s Battle is focused here in North Carolina and concerns the DACA & DAPA programs. Last year, shortly before the 2014 Mid-Term Elections, we discovered thousands of Illegal Aliens on our voter rolls. The NC State Board of Elections (NCSBoE) was very busy with current election process to do much investigating and follow up on these DACA individuals at that time. They did some work, but since it is an off year for elections, NOW is the time to light a fire underneath them, along with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV), and make them thoroughly go through records and remove every Illegal voter!


I’ll also encourage folks from other states contact your authorities too. I’m SURE you have the same problems that we have here in NC.


Here’s the Problem —- In 2012, the Feds started a program (not via any law, but a policy there at DHS) called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) that was set up to provide Drivers Licenses & assorted other documents to a defined group of Illegals. To get them “Out of the Shadows” so to speak. Well here in NC, we fought it but our weaklings caved in, and our NCDMV started issuing NC Drivers Licenses to these DACA folks in March of 2013. As of September 2014, there were almost 15,000 DACA drivers licenses issued.


Now, because of the Motor Voter Act, created under Bill Clinton’s Administration in 1993, whenever you go to the DMV, they ask you if want to register to vote. Some offices may automatically sign you up electronically. I don’t know, I can’t get an honest answer on that question. The NC Policies at DMV were updated and such but somehow, an UNKNOWN number of these DACA folks wound up on the voter rolls. These are NOT CITIZENS and DO NOT HAVE the right to vote. But as with any other Government agency, the situation is SNAFU!


Sample of NC DACA Drivers License. Note the RED 'NO LAWFUL STATUS' displayed on the front of these.

Sample of NC DACA Drivers License. Note the RED ‘NO LAWFUL STATUS’ displayed on the front of these.


Now there is a Newer program called DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) and the same problem will occur with it. And here a recent statement from Jeh Johnson of the DHS.


Accordingly, the Department of Homeland Security will not begin accepting requests for the expansion of DACA tomorrow, February 18, as originally planned. Until further notice, we will also suspend the plan to accept requests for DAPA.

It is important to emphasize what the District Court’s order does not affect.

The Court’s order does not affect the existing DACA. Individuals may continue to come forward and request initial grant of DACA or renewal of DACA pursuant to the guidelines established in 2012.


1) Contact the NCSBoE and demand they do a thorough debugging & removal of all DACA / DAPA individuals listed on the voter rolls. They have time this year to get the info, and the records, from DMV on all DACA / DAPA individuals. They can also assign the LOCAL BoE’s to go thru the county records and PURGE these falsified Voter Registrations.

2) Contact your NC Representative & NC Senator in the NC General Assembly. Get on THEM, to GET ON the NCSBoE & the NCDMV.

3) Contact your Local County BoE (Board of Elections) and find out when their NEXT meeting is. ATTEND that Meeting and Video it! They should have one at least every month or so. If they don’t, leave a comment here on this blog to alert me. Please include the NC County, the County’s BoE Chairman’s name and any other pertinent info ….. We’ll release the BIG DOGS on ‘em!

Suggested letter to send and / or some talking points:    

I’m contacting you today concerning our Voter Rolls and the fact that they contain Illegal Aliens. Last year (2014) it was determined that thousands of DACA individuals were showing up as legal voters when it fact they are not citizens at all. The NC-DMV started issuing DACA DL’s in 2013 and as of Sept. 2014 there were almost 15,000 of them. The last I heard was that a SAMPLING of the DACA database had turned up over 1,400 of them that were ALSO on the voter rolls. That SAMPLING was taken back in Oct. 2014.

I want MORE than just a SAMPLING…. I want a Thorough Examination of the voter rolls to ensure that not one single Illegal Alien can cast a ballot here in NC. I want All 100 Counties cleaned up! I want every individual that submits  a falsified Voter Registration Form to be prosecuted as a FELON as the NC Law Stipulates.

2015 is an OFF YEAR for elections here in NC. Only local Municipal Elections take place so your office has MORE THAN ENOUGH time to get the rolls cleaned up & purged,

And charges need to be brought forth against ANY & ALL illegal voters in the state of NC.

Can you tell me IF there is any investigation currently in the works?

If so… then I would also like to know;

* Can you tell me where we are in this investigation?
* Who is the Contact Person for me to get updates from?
* When do you believe that your investigation will be completed?
* Where can I find the results of the Completed Investigation?

* Can you tell me WHAT is being done to prevent any FUTURE voter abnormalities?


~~~ End of Letter / Talking Points ~~~

DACA Links with lots of GOOD Information on the entire process. I’ll encourage each of you to thoroughly read these links.










Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Nineteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen.

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Yesterday started Early Voting here in North Carolina. The NC State Board of Elections and NC Department of Transportation / DMV are still playing a game of RED ROVER.


Red Rover, Red Rover – Send those DACA Voters On Over!


Also on Thursday, we got a little UPDATE from our friends in the Liberal Media — aka Bertrand M. Gutierrez of the Winston-Salem Journal.

Here’s just one little snippett:

“Earlier this month, State Board of Elections officials sampled about 1,600 of the 10,000 names, Lawson said. They cross-checked the names against a U.S. Department of Homeland Security database, known as SAVE, and found that 94 percent of those 1,600 are in fact U.S. citizens, Lawson said.”  


Now it’s been revealed what the “Program” is that the NC SBoE is using to verify these DACA folks.

SAVE – Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) Program


Are you ready to don your “INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST CAP”  and follow me as we educate ourselves on this SAVE Entity? Here we go…….


“The SAVE Program is an inter-governmental information service initiative which verifies the immigration status of benefit applicants.”


Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.



Another Snippett from the W-S Journal Story;

Mike Charbonneau, the deputy secretary of communications at the N.C. Department of Transportation, provided information on where some of the DACA license holders registered to vote.

Of the DACA license holders on the voter rolls, Charbonneau said, 11 registered to vote at DMV offices. Of those, three registered to vote while obtaining a DACA license. The eight others had registered to vote at a DMV before obtaining a DACA license.

On the three who registered with a DACA license, Charbonneau said, it is still unclear how it happened. When a DMV license examiner plugs into his or her computer screen that someone is obtaining a DACA license, there “should not be a prompt for registering to vote,” he said.

Any person can register in a number of ways, by filling out a form at a board of elections office, for example.


So, at this point, I would like to ‘Raise My Hand’ and ask a couple of questions?

Ooo Ooo Mr. Charbonneau (NC DOT) & Mr. Lawson (NC SBoE) --- Hello, I'm SilenceDoGood and I'd like to ask you a question!

Ooo Ooo Mr. Charbonneau (NC DOT) & Mr. Lawson (NC SBoE) — Hello, I’m SilenceDoGood and I’d like to ask you a question!




To Mr. Josh Lawson of the NC SBoE:

What LAW, US CODE or NCGS, states that the NC State BoE must verify DACA Driver License holders info with USCIS (SAVE Program) before removing them from the voting rolls?

To Mr. Mike Charbonneau of the NC DOT:

Your office [The NC DOT] has stated that over 15,000 DACA Licenses have been issued since the programs inception in 2013. Can your office break these 15,000 down, to the ‘County of Residence’, and supply those lists to the County BoE’s? Seems to me that 100 (There are 100 Counties in NC) smaller lists could be gone thru much quicker, and more efficiently, than 2-3 people at the NC SBoE going thru 1000’s of records.


Now, let us continue with our education on this SAVE Program. It appears that this SAVE Program is for Immigration Status — you know, where you are at in the process and so forth — And since we already know that DACA is “Documented & Certified Illegal”, No DACA individuals should be on this list, or in this database —  PERIOD!





It has also been mentioned earlier, by Mr. Josh Lawson of the NC SBoE, that 94% of these folks are US Citizens. Ummmm…. NO Sir! With all due respect, once a person becomes a REAL US Citizen, they are issued a Naturalization Certificate (Form N-550 or N-570)

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.






Here is a sample of the N-550 Document.


Image was copied from Google Images.




Summary / Conclusion – These DACA Voters who wound up on our Voter Rolls have either:

a) Filled out Fraudulent Voter Registration Forms (probably at some La RAZA Voter Registration Drive [VRD or GOTV] or other similar groups VRD/GOTV effort. This means they have committed a FELONY according to the ‘Statement’ on the bottom of the NC Voter Registration Form

“Fraudulently or falsely completing this form is a Class I Felony under Chapter 163 of the NC General Statutes”

b) The Department of Homeland Security / USCIS is fraudulently changing the “Status” of these DACA individuals within the SAVE Database.




Associated Links:












Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fourth Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fourteen.

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UPDATE: It appears that our BORDER INVASION has been planned at least since January 2014. Notice the DATES on this Job Posting from ICE.


Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


— End of Updates —


Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, along with Eric Holder & Barack Hussein Obama are participating in Human Trafficking along our Southern Border.

Read this letter from one of our Border Patrol Agents at the Texas Border.

Click to enlarge the image.

Click to enlarge the image.


While filming outside of a Texas Greyhound bus depot, DML interviewed this security guard.

GUARD: “Homeland Security and Border Patrol are dropping people off here ALL DAY LONG. The buses drive up, they let everyone out and then they split. We are given no warning or instructions on how to deal with this. NOTHING.”


Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twelfth Day of June in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Fourteen.

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This Thursday, March 10, 2011, The Immigrant Youth Justice League will be holding a rally in Daley Plaza in Chicago.

Screen Shot of the Facebook page. Click to enlarge & read Their Statement

Here’s a direct link to the Facebook page. Click HERE

More info HERE

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Seventh Day of March in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Alert – Patriots needed in Greenville, NC on Saturday & Sunday Dec 18th & 19Th

NCFIRE North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement

Secure Our Borders – Enforce Our Laws

The mobile Mexican Consulate is coming to the Greenville NC Convention Center this Saturday AND Sunday ( December 18th and 19th) to sell Mexican Matricula Consular ID cards and Mexican passports to “UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS” in the area.


The Mexican Consulate has leased space in the TAXPAYER FUNDED Convention Center for 2 days because of the large number of illegal aliens they expect to show up. Why is a foreign national government handling their affairs on North Carolina taxpayer property?

The center is located at303 Greenville Blvd., Greenville, NC. Their phone number is: (252) 321-7671. Here is the Greenville Convention Center calendar which shows the event:


Info from ALIPAC

Info from Numbers USA

Talking Points

1.  No foreign governments should be using U.S./NC taxpayer property for the purpose of selling ID cards to those illegally present in OUR country.

2.  Legally present foreign nationals have a passport from their home country and a U.S. VISA. Nothing less.

3.  Continuing to “aid and abet” ILLEGAL ALIENS is VERY costly to taxpayers. Schooling, medical, housing, interpreters, legal representation, etc.

4.  Insist that your elected officials represent legal citizens and their interests.  We are the voting constituents.

5.  Border enforcement; first, foremost, and only. No AMNESTY, aiding or abetting is acceptable.

Contact List Below…please be the polite and respectful Americans that we pride ourselves on.



1.  Contact: Congressman Walter Jones at the phone numbers below and ask him to continue his support of immigration enforcement in North Carolina.

Greenville N.C. Office:

1105-C Corporate Drive

Greenville, NC 27858-4211

Phone: 252-931-1003 or toll-free 800-351-1697 (in N.C. only)

Fax: 252-931-1002

Washington, DC Office:

2333 Rayburn House Office Building

Washington DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-3415

Fax: 202-225-3286



2.  Contact the Greenville City Council:

Mayor Patricia C. (Pat) Dunn

1103 Ragsdale Road

Greenville, NC 27858

Telephone:  252-758-1692




Mayor Pro-Tem Bryant Kittrell

PO Box 7207

Greenville, NC 27835

Telephone:  252-355-0088




Council Member Kandie Smith

PO Box 7207

Greenville, NC  27835

Telephone:  252-565-4617




Council Member Rose H. Glover

2115 South Village Drive

Greenville, NC 27834

Telephone:  252-752-1113




Council Member Marion Blackburn

PO Box 7207

200 West Fifth Street

Greenville, NC 27835

Telephone:  252-931-0728




Council Member Calvin Mercer

PO Box 7207

Greenville, NC 27835

Telephone:  252-551-9189




Council Member Max Joyner, Jr.

105 East Arlington Boulevard

Greenville, NC 27858

Telephone:  252-756-8300



3.  Contact the Pitt County Commissioners:  http://www.pittcountync.gov/bcc/apps/members/

Kimberly W. Hines, Clerk to the Board

Pitt County Office Building

1717 W. 5th Street

Greenville, NC 27834


252.830.6311 (Fax)



James Johnson President-NCFIRE  North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement



Email – NCFIRE@ncfire.info     NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Seventeenth Day of  December in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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Update: Friday – November 12, 2010 @ 12:07 EDT.

Here are a few links to the local TV stations that have finally picked up on this story. I would urge my readers to also check out the comments section on each of these links:

WRAL TV-5 CBS Affiliate

WTVD 11 ABC Affiliate

NBC 17


This is a screen grab from Page 19 of the NC DMV Drivers Handbook. The Idiots at DMV have already approved this highly insecure document.

After we put the Durham City council in checkmate on Monday evening, I believe it’s time to focus some attention on the officials at DMV.

—End of update—

I am posting this a little prematurely due to the fact I just heard about this. So, with that said please forgive me if I miss a key detail. I have several phone calls to make on Monday 11/8/10 to clarify some details. I will post that info as I receive it. Patriots….Please share this message! We only have one week to get our game plan together and STOP THIS.

Please plan to attend the City Council Meeting on Monday November 15th at 7pm.

Stay tuned folks, Same Bat Time – Same Bat Channel!

Sample of a Mexico Matricula Consular ID Card

The Durham, NC City Council is scheduled to vote on approving the use of Mexican Matricula Consular ID Cards. In a nutshell, these ID Cards are issued to Illegal Immigrants.  This vote will take place on Monday November 15, 2010. One week from the date of this posting!

Here  is the news story posted on Saturday night, 11/6/10, at approximately 9:00 pm.


Durham is the first North Carolina jurisdiction where authorities have been formally asked to recognize the Matricula Consular. Clement wanted to know why, since Flores’s office is in Raleigh. Flores said it was because groups in Durham were already working on approval when he began his job a year ago.

Deputy Police Chief Steve Mihaich said the department would accept the Matricula Consular as it would any other out-of-state ID.

Please read the full story at the link provided above.

Diane Catotti’s statement from the above mentioned story:

“I’m very proud that you started here,” said Councilwoman Diane Catotti. “We have a very active El Centro Hispano and Hispanic community.”

Here is another story via the Durham Herald Sun Paper

Here is a link to the FBI’s Report to the House Judiciary Sub-Committee on the Matricula Consular ID Card.

Exert from this link:

The U.S. Government has done an extensive amount of research on the Matricula Consular, to assess its viability as a reliable means of identification. The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder.

To provide my readers with thorough information, here is the 287(g) MOA agreement between ICE and the Durham, NC Police Department.


Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with what exactly a “Matricula Consular ID Card” is, please click HERE.

Here are a few key points….

The Mexican Matricula Consular ID card is an ID card issued to Mexican foreign nationals in the United States. The matricula consular is useful in the United States only for illegal aliens, because legal immigrants by definition have legal U.S. government-issued documents.

After 9/11, the Mexican Government realized that they could not gain another U.S. amnesty for illegal aliens. Instead, they launched a lobbying campaign to gain acceptance of the ID at state and local levels and from U.S. banks.

The matricula card is not a secure document. Mexico does not authenticate documents used to obtain the ID against computerized data files in Mexico. No major bank in Mexico accepts the card to open an account and the cards are recognized as IDs in only 10 of Mexico’s 32 states and districts.City liability insurance companies almost certainly won’t cover liability associated with accepting such a card, since it is a violation of Federal law to accept the card. So if a city accepts the card and a citizen is injured by an illegal alien, the citizen could likely sue individual city council members for their personal assets and life savings.

Specifically, a state or local government official or employee who provides any benefit or service to such a presenter possesses the criminal intent (mens rea) necessary for a felony indictment under Section 274 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which provides criminal penalties for any act that “encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of law.”

Here is the text of the actual resolution being considered by the Durham City Council.


Whereas, the City of Durham respects and promotes the right of all of its residents to equal treatment under the law; and

Whereas, many immigrants who could have obtained a driver’s license by using a tax ID number prior to 2005 are no longer able to do so now that current law requires a social security number; and

Whereas, if a Durham city law enforcement official discovers that a driver is not carrying a license when making a traffic stop for a minor violation such as speeding or not fully stopping for a stop sign, the officer would typically issue a citation rather than making an arrest, provided a) there are no indications of criminal activity or driving under the influence, and b) the driver has a valid ID card; and

Whereas, the Mexican Matricula Consular has been shown to be a highly secure form of identification, issued to Mexican citizens living in other countries and containing several levels of machine-readable verification; and

Whereas, acceptance of the Matricula Consular as a valid form of ID would not only assist in minimizing unnecessary and potentially life-changing arrests of hard-working residents guilty of no more than a minor traffic infraction, but would also be useful for banking, library, and other civil functions;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Durham hereby formally supports recognition of a properly issued and obtained Mexican Matricula Consular as a valid form of identification, not substituting for a driver’s license, but authenticating a person’s identity, and, with regard to activities of the Durham Police Department, supports issuance of a citation to persons showing such identification in situations where a citation would be issued to any driver lacking a license but with another valid form of identification, while leaving discretion to the officer as to whether to arrest.

This Resolution is effective upon adoption.

Here are some additional links if you would like more information:

NCFIRE –   Here on this site, I would urge you to look at the list of the Crimes that are committed by our Illegal Friends. Click HERE to go directly to this PDF file. Please also note that if you start on page 3 of this document, there are roughly 7 plus FULL pages of offenses in Durham County alone. And this is only for the 1st 2 weeks of October 2010.

NC Listen



And here is one of the BEST summaries of our Immigration Problem. Please take the 6 minutes to watch this video explanation.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Eighth Day of November in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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