COVID-19: This is ONLY a TEST!




According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), all of the recent events concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been part of a SIMULATION EXERCISE‘.



Screengrab of the W.H.O. page



If we scroll down the page, we find some PowerPoint Presentations for officials to use during this ‘Training Exercise’.



To VIEW the PowerPoint Document, download it from the W.H.O. page.



Once you open the PowerPoint file, you’ll find lots of interesting information. Here’s slide #5 explaining what a TTX is. Read it thoroughly.



Slide #5 from the 1st PP Presentation on the list. The one listed as “Generic Covid-19 PowerPoint”.



If we look at the Generic PowerPoint ‘Properties’, we will find out who the author of this document is. His name is Denis Charles. Denis works for Bill Gates at Microsoft. Also looking the properties of the PowerPoint Presentation, we find that it was edited by a gentleman named Frederik Copper. Frederik is BIG WIG with W.H.O.



A sreengrab of the ‘Properties’ of the PP Presentation listing Denis Charles & Frederik Copper as the authors.



A little BIO on Denis Charles:



Here is a little BIO on Mr. Copper:




Here is Mr. Copper’s LinkedIn Page:




Fellow Citizens, PLEASE do NOT take my word on this. Do your own homework. Turn off your TVs and STOP watching Tiger King or playing those silly games that keep you distracted.



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Eighth Day of April, in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Twenty.


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I'm just a concerned citizen. I believe that the Founding Fathers created a great Republic & it's slowly falling apart at the seams.

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