Governor Roy A. Cooper & Exec. Order 181

December 8, 2020 – Today, North Carolina Governor Roy Asberry Cooper, issued executive order # 181. Allow me to STOP him right there…. after the 1st “WHEREAS”: The first “Whereas” states that via his Executive Order of March 10th (numbered 116) declared a ‘State of Emergency’ to coordinate the states response to… YADA YADA YADAContinue reading “Governor Roy A. Cooper & Exec. Order 181”

“Sidney Powell is registered as a MILITARY LAWYER and is the only one who can prosecute TREASON at a TRIBUNAL!”

Originally posted on THE MARSHALL REPORT:
So don’t let spin doctors and fake media tell you lies about the woman who is bringing down the giants in the swamp! And there are a great number of them, more than anyone could have imagined! Powell stated that the ‘New World Order’ has ‘OVERTHROWN The Republican Party’…

2020 Elections – ‘Tales from the Dark Side’

Here in North Carolina, we have some strange anomalies happening in the “Wide, Wide World of Elections.” SilenceDogood2010 is connected with a rag tag group of PATRIOTS. They are delving into the dark world of Elections Data — and Ladies & Gentlemen, they are finding all sorts of unexplained phenomena. Elections data SHOULD BALANCE —Continue reading “2020 Elections – ‘Tales from the Dark Side’”

Charlie Anderson – Today!

One of SD2010’s Favorite all time movies, is one called “Shenandoah”. All Star Cast” Jimmy Stewart, George Kennedy, Denver Pyle and many others. A film about the Civil War and one families struggle to stay out of it. Jimmy Stewart portrays “Charlie Anderson”, a widower with a family… this is a different Charlie Anderson… butContinue reading “Charlie Anderson – Today!”

COVID-19: This is ONLY a TEST!

    According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), all of the recent events concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been part of a ‘SIMULATION EXERCISE‘.         If we scroll down the page, we find some PowerPoint Presentations for officials to use during this ‘Training Exercise’.         Once you open theContinue reading “COVID-19: This is ONLY a TEST!”

NC – Find Your Sample Ballot

For those of you here in North Carolina, I thought I would provide a simple tutorial for how to find YOUR Sample Ballot online.   Step 1: Go to the NC State Board of Elections Voter search page     Step 2: Type in your 1st and last name in the fields provided andContinue reading “NC – Find Your Sample Ballot”

Timeline: Government Medical Regulations

      With “Open Enrollment” commercial ads all over the TV & Radio airwaves, I decided I would delve into some history of the Medical Profession… AND when the Federal Government got involved in regulating it.     Silence’s Summary: The Federal Government has no authority over anything medical, or drug related. Remember theContinue reading “Timeline: Government Medical Regulations”

Real American Heroes

Queue Up the old Bud Light Commercial theme music… “Real American Heroes…” This post is a slightly edited version, of one that made the rounds back in 2017. SD2010 is still looking for the ORIGINAL to give them credit.     Let this sink in for a minute…..Hundreds and hundreds of small boats pulled byContinue reading “Real American Heroes”