NC Voter Fraud: The Saga Continues

UPDATE – November 1, 2012

at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time


We NOW have a total of 4,343 (112 year olds) that have cast ballots here in North Carolina.

After Oct. 31st, we NOW are sitting at 4,343 votes cast by 112 year old individuals. Click to enlarge the image OR visit the link if you want to see all the info.

Please educate yourself, AND OTHERS, on NC General Statute 163-82.4 at the link below.

Are all of these ‘Provisional Ballots’, as per the LAW?

Have these individuals been given the ‘Opportunity to Correct’ these errors as per the LAW?

UPDATE – October 24, 2012

at 10 am Eastern Standard Time

Text of Sections (a) & (e) from the NC General Statute concerning Voting, as quoted by Mr. Don Wright, the legal counsel for the NC State Board of elections. (Note: I’ve taken the liberty to BOLDFACE the key points below)

“§ 163-82.4.  Contents of application form.

(a)        Information Requested of Applicant. – The form required by G.S. 163‑82.3(a) shall request the applicant’s:

(1)        Name,

(2)        Date of birth,

(3)        Residence address,

(4)        County of residence,

(5)        Date of application,

(6)        Gender,

(7)        Race,

(7a)      Ethnicity,

(8)        Political party affiliation, if any, in accordance with subsection (c) of this section,

(9)        Telephone number (to assist the county board of elections in contacting the voter if needed in processing the application),

(10)      Drivers license number or, if the applicant does not have a drivers license number, the last four digits of the applicant’s social security number, and any other information the State Board finds is necessary to enable officials of the county where the person resides to satisfactorily process the application. The form shall require the applicant to state whether currently registered to vote anywhere, and at what address, so that any prior registration can be cancelled.

(e) Correcting Registration Forms. – If the voter fails to complete any required item on the voter registration form but provides enough information on the form to enable the county board of elections to identify and contact the voter, the voter shall be notified of the omission and given the opportunity to complete the form at least by 5:00 P.M. on the day before the county canvass as set in G.S. 163‑182.5(b). If the voter corrects that omission within that time and is determined by the county board of elections to be eligible to vote, the board shall permit the voter to vote. If the information is not corrected by election day, the voter shall be allowed to vote a provisional official ballot. If the correct information is provided to the county board of elections by at least 5:00 P.M. on the day before the county canvass, the board shall count any portion of the provisional official ballot that the voter is eligible to vote.”


And here is a sample of the NC Voter Registration Form. Note the RED required fields in these 2 images.

Top portion of the Form. Click to enlarge the image.
Bottom portion of the Form. Again, Click to enlarge the image.


~~~~ End of Updates ~~~

It appears that I have touched a nerve with the NC State Board of Elections  Executive Director Mr. Gary Bartlett.  I think it was Winston Churchill who once said:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

There is a story in the Raleigh News & Observer and Mr. Bartlett is claiming this IS NOT VOTER FRAUD.

“Just one problem: “It’s not voter fraud at all,” Bartlett said.

Debate over proposed voter ID laws have lingered throughout the election cycle, but the centenarian voters are in fact a result of a change in information collected by the state when people register to vote, Bartlett said.

He said that until the 1980s only age was collected when people registered to vote – not necessarily their date of birth – so a default of Jan. 1, 1900, was used for those who had not provided a birthdate.

In 2008, 9,856 votes were cast by people who were “108.” In 2010, 9,194 people who were “110” cast ballots. There have been 899 votes by people aged “112” so far this year.

“These people have been registered for a long time,” Bartlett said. “Twice now, we’ve cross-checked these people with drivers licenses, but if we can’t find an exact match, we don’t change anything because we don’t want to put out false information.”

Mr. Bartlett, with all due respect sir, YOU have had AT LEAST 4 FULL YEARS to correct this problem. See the embedded Screen Grabs from 2008,  2010, and now 2012.  Most of these voters are located in only 4 different counties— Guilford, Cumberland, Forsyth and Davidson.

And “FALSE DATA” you say? Isn’t it FALSE DATA that you have currently assigned to these Centenarians? And since it’s FALSE DATA, shouldn’t those registrations be purged?

It’s real simple sir: You say you don’t have ‘Phone Numbers’ due to older registrations. You DO have a physical addresses for these folks so— Your office sends out a form letter that states;

“Your current voter information on file with the NC State BoE is Inaccurate / Incomplete. You MUST contact your local Board of Elections office to address these issues. If you do not respond within 60 Days, you will be removed from the Voter Rolls.”

108 Year Olds from the 2008 General Election. Click to enlarge the image.
110 Year Olds from the 2010 General Election. Click to enlarge the image.
112 Year Olds from our Current 2012 General Election. Click to enlarge the image.


Your excuses no longer hold any water. I’ll look forward to your Immediate Resignation.

Lastly, here’s some text I was sent by another Patriot Friend. They had sent off an email to Don Wright, NC BoE Legal Counsel and here’s his reply:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

GS 163-82.4 was passed by SL 1993, Chapter 74 and became effective January 1, 1995. It requires a date of birth for those that registered on and after the effective date. Prior to that , GS 163-72 required the voter to state “accurately as possible” their age. GS 163-72 was repealed after the new law when into effect.

Don Wright
General Counsel

And here’s the NCGS:



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Third Day of  October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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3 thoughts on “NC Voter Fraud: The Saga Continues

  1. And the UN is sending watchdogs to watch over WHOM? I wish I was 108 years old… so I didn’t have to think I’d live to see what O will ‘accomplish’ in the next 4 years. 😦

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