Massive Voter Fraud in NC

UPDATE on Oct. 22, 2012 –

“The State Board of Elections has been aware of what we believe to be erroneous age data for many years and has obviously refused any attempt to correct the incorrect data. It is evident that there is no hope for fair and honest elections when you have no idea who is on your voter rolls.”


UPDATE on Oct. 21, 2012 – 74 MORE 112 year olds voted on Saturday, bringing the total to 832 votes.

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Here in NC, we have a local organization that posts RAW DATA from the NC State BoE site. It’s called Vote Tracker.


Well, one of my fellow patriots has brought to my attention, that we have what appears as Massive Voter Fraud. After only 2 days of our “ONE STOP VOTING” we have 758 individuals, who are 112 Years Old, that have already cast ballots here in NC for the November 6th General Election.

According to the 2010 US Census, there are only 330 people, over 110 years old, in the entire United States.

Click to enlarge the image.




Notice the FINE little CHART LINE (lower right hand corner) beyond the 110 year old mark.  Here’s the source.


It has been brought to my attention that the NC State Board of Elections has a glitch in their record keeping.

Example: If you registered to vote, let’s just say in the 1950’s or 60’s, AND you did not fill in the “Date of Birth” section on the voter registration form, then your date of birth, in the electronic database, results in a ‘DEFAULT DATE’  of January 1, 1900.

Solution to this problem: Each County in NC has it’s own Board of Elections. Demand that each Board Member, in every county, contact these ‘DEFAULT’ birth dates and correct their databases. If there is someone with a birthday of January 1, 1900 we KNOW that is false data and therefore that voter registration is INVALID. Correct it if the person IS still alive with the correct birthday. If it can’t be corrected, then purge that individual from the database altogether!

Here’s a little MORE in depth look at our 112 year old voters:

Click for a larger image



It seems that MOST of these 112 year olds  live in only 3 counties too.

Guilford has 282
Cumberland has 223
Forsyth has 151

68.47% of them are registered Democrat
27.44% of them are registered Republican
4.09% of them are registered Unaffiliated



Source page.
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Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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I'm just a concerned citizen. I believe that the Founding Fathers created a great Republic & it's slowly falling apart at the seams.

31 thoughts on “Massive Voter Fraud in NC

  1. are you aware that some older people did not put in their birthday dates when they registered many years ago so unless they have changed their info with the BOE it shows them born on 01-01-1900. Thus making them 112. If a good poll worker was checking them in they could easily update the voter’s registration. I work early voting in Forsyth

  2. Pat, that would make sense IF they looked at our ID’s….I pulled mine out and literally SHOVED it in their faces, and the ‘black’ women sitting there checking my daughters and I in REFUSED to even LOOK at our ID!!!!!!! I’m in Lee Country.

  3. I don’t know Pat…they send my Voter Registration back when I didn’t put my DOB on it….told me they had to have that info? That was in 2008….

  4. Belinda… if they don’t get reply back then they should have purged the records right? Or at least hold them and when the person came to vote verified the birth date.

    1. Thank you Mr. Farina. Good call on the Census Data.

      It appears that there are ONLY 330 folks, over the age of 110, in the ENTIRE US of A! And that was in 2010. However, here in NC, we had over 9000 folks, cast ballots in the 2010 general election, that were 110 or older.

      Respectfully submitted by SD2010.

  5. This is the problem with voter ID Laws…1. Human Error: Not every peoson will ever get checked. I mean if people can just walk into a White House Dinner without being Id’ed enough, they will enter the voying booth as well. And 1. Himan Error, programers leave glitches is only human. No mater how much voter identification there may be…some people who are certified to vote will be turrned away, and some who shoul’d be allowed to vote will get through. And finally 1. Human Error,,,As there have been only 100 or less cases of voter fraud ever prosacuited; why risk the difference. No election has ever been won with 5,000 votes, (just a random number 93% less than voter fraud cases…ever. Then there is of course there is the possibility that someone can win without the majority popular (has happened4 times Already), electorial collage elects presidemts…the popular vote is a SUGGESTION of who WE would like to see elected. Sad but true. So the entire issue is kinda lame. I mean if we want to fight against a really bad thing that hurts everyone of us…There are far…fra…more harmful things out there! Just sayin….

    1. “No election has ever been won with 5,000 votes, (just a random number 93% less than voter fraud cases…ever.”

      How about the MN Senate election in 2008 that was won by 312 votes. So far 117 people have been convicted, not accused, *convicted* of voting fraudulently in that election and more cases are pending. That one election in one state is already bigger than your “there have been only 100 or less cases of voter fraud ever prosacuited”

  6. I work early voting and am also a chief election judge on election day (and a Republican) This is just a computer glitch. I voted two people today that had that birthdate. One lady was in fact 104 and proud of being able to still have her mind and be able to vote and one guy was in his 80’s and when I told him he said he knew he showed up that way and he thought it was funny to see how people looked at him. It is not a big deal. There are other problems you should be concerned with… like do they really know what they are doing when they go to vote. And if you are so concerned why aren’t you all working for your county BOE’s as early voting workers or election day officials or poll observers or greeters handing out voter guides.

    1. When I heard about this issue two days ago, Pat, I had to go digging into more information about this situation. Thank for your response on this blog, and thank you for the work you doing.

    2. Pat, With all due respect, Ma’am it IS a big deal. This has been going on now for over 4 years and your so called ‘Glitch’ STILL is not fixed. I’ve re-addressed the issue publicly, and I’ve offered a SOLUTION to the problem. You can read my thoughts here:

      And here’s section (e) of NCGS 163-82.4 (The ACTUAL LAW) which deals with Voter Registrations.

      “Correcting Registration Forms. – If the voter fails to complete any required item on the voter registration form but provides enough information on the form to enable the county board of elections to identify and contact the voter, the voter shall be notified of the omission and given the opportunity to complete the form at least by 5:00 P.M. on the day before the county canvass as set in G.S. 163‑182.5(b). If the voter corrects that omission within that time and is determined by the county board of elections to be eligible to vote, the board shall permit the voter to vote. If the information is not corrected by election day, the voter shall be allowed to vote a provisional official ballot. If the correct information is provided to the county board of elections by at least 5:00 P.M. on the day before the county canvass, the board shall count any portion of the provisional official ballot that the voter is eligible to vote.”

      Respectfully submitted by SD2010

  7. Pat is correct, anyone who registered before 1983 and didn’t put their date of birth on the form, will be shown as being born on January 1st, 1900, My neighbor, who is a staunch Republican, is shown on the books as being 112 years old. When he asked my why, I explained, same as above. Like Pat, I also work for the Board of Elections. If we lose this election, it will be because our base won’t go vote. What’s wrong with you people, why won’t you go vote? Especially good Church people, they won’t vote like they should. Early voting is going on right now, and the Dems are cleaning our clocks. Get Out There and Vote !!!

  8. Voting in this Country is rife with fraud. As the Democrats are fond of saying! Vote Early. And vote often!

    1. I’m sorry,it is 16 over 119y/o!! Crazy as it sounds they all voted at one stop ballot locations.I was suprised to find that 3 of them are registered as republicans,but it doesn’t tell which way they voted(wanna guess)!Call Guiness folks because there has been o whole slew of new records set in the great state of North Carolina as before now the oldest person was thought to be 114!

  9. Sp. what’s really going on is that they failed to fill out an optional date? Wow, you morons REALLY look stupid for this idiotic issue.

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