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This blog is ONLY one citizen’s take on the events concerning the 2014 NC Senate Race.

Our economy is in a depression the likes of what HISTORY remembers after the Market Crash of 1929. The democrats have lied and lied and pushed those lies on the American People for over 100 years now. Currently we have just as much SCUM in the Leadership of the republican party as well. But fear not…. For behold, with the advancement of technology, bloggers like myself and other CITIZEN JOURNALISTS, the TRUTH is getting out to the people.


Today, I want to focus on our so called Media — TV, Newspapers, 24 hour a day cable news channels and High Speed internet connections.  Primarily our Broadcast & Print Media are directly at fault for ‘Dereliction of Duty’ —- The ‘PRESS’ is protected in our BILL OF RIGHTS (the 1st Amendment) and with that protection comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY & DUTY! Both of which the Main Stream Media (MSM) has FAILED at miserably.

Over the last few weeks the NC US Senate race is heating up and there is huge backing of a particular candidate that stands in the way of the Establishment GOP and the Liberal democrats. He’s been dubbed a “TEA PARTY” favorite by the MSM. The MSM, which for over 4 years now,  has TRIED to paint the TEA PARTY as RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and slandered to no end.  Their attacks contine —

Enter WRAL TV-5 out of Raleigh, NC.  They have been in the democrats back pocket for decades now. Along with a majority of the local papers like the Durham Herald Sun, The News & Observer, Charlotte Observer and WTVD from Durham and countless others.

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 — Less than 90 days before the NC Primary Election — One of the MAJOR republican front runners is dragged thru the MSM with headlines such as:

“Jury finds GOP Senate candidate misled investors”

Now, this may look BAD to most ‘Low Info Voters’ but I want you to stay with me here for little while longer. I’m going to show you FACTS that WRAL and the MSM won’t point out to you:

First, let’s look at the Actual Complaint filed in Court.

The Full PDF File can be found HERE. It’s 14 pages long.

Here’s a couple of excerpts FROM the Civil Complaint

Note that Piazza started his investment with Neogence on Feb 5,2010 and then made additional investments as things progressed —


Here are only 3 more additional ‘ScreenGrab’ portions of the complaint.  Click on any of the images to view a larger version and I urge each of you READ, in it’s entirety, the FULL 14 page complaint. 

How can a JURY, with the information provided in the complaint, find Dr. Brannon, and Dr. Brannon ALONE, GUILTY of Mis-Informing Investors? If the jury thinks the investors were mislead, then one would think that Kirkbride, Cummings and Rice would ALSO be guilty.

Complaint02  Complaint03Complaint04

Notice also in the complaint, that it states several other “Angel Investors” —- Where are these Other Investors? Why aren’t they too seeking damages “IF”  the investors were really mislead?

SilenceDogood2010’s Conclusion:  Something stinks here. Maybe the jury was somehow tainted or paid off to find Brannon, and Brannon alone, as the guilty party. Strictly because he is seen  as a threat to the democrats  and the GOP establishment. I think TIME will tell.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Nineteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Fourteen.

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