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Update: October 7, 2013

The case has been DROPPED!



Click to enlarge. Message from Harvey on Facebook.

Click to enlarge. Message from Harvey on Facebook.

——- End of Update ——-

Kernersville Police Department needs to hear from their EMPLOYERS! We The People….

On Tuesday morning, August 6, 2013, a Mr. Harvey Pulliam was issued a citation for exercising his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

From his Facebook post

Harvey Pulliam Jr. –

Kernersville Police prevented me from exercising my 1st Amendment Rights this AM at the Salisbury Bridge. They said I did not have a permit, I showed them my permit(s) the US & NC Constitutions. They took down my signs and wrote me a citation to appear in court Oct 9.2013 in Kernersville, said I was blocking the sidewalk, somebody might come by in a wheelchair, I said, probably not, but if they did I could move my chair to allow them plenty of clearance. Was just an excuse to shut me down.So….sometimes the line has to be drawn in the sand, and constitutional rights must be respected by over zealous officials.

Mr. Pulliam’s location:

I will urge every single reader of this post to contact the Kernersville NC Police Department and express your disappointment in officer J.L. Redden giving a citation to Mr. Pulliam and the actions of the entire KPD.

Kernersville Police Department

Address: 134 E Mountain St, Kernersville, NC 27284

Phone:(336) 996-3177


If you’d like to email them, here’s a sample of one of the letters they have already received:

This morning at 9am an American citizen, Harvey Pulliam Jr, was standing on an overpass with an “Impeach Obama” sign. Your officers violated his right to peaceably assemble and his right to freedom of speech and wrote him a citation for his presence where they felt he shouldn’t be.


Obviously you need some education on the Constitution. This email is to inform you that, as of this message, twenty-three newspapers and public blogs have been notified of your behavior. You are about to suffer a catastrophic public relations nightmare. I promise you it’s only going to be an embarrassment for your department until charges are dropped and a public apology is made to Mr Pulliam.


It is not for you to decide what rights are allowed to American citizens. We have a Constitution. You will follow it.


D. Wade.

Update from Harvey Pulliam Jr. on Facebook. This screen grab was taken on Tuesday August 6 at approx. 4pm EDT.


Photos of, and taken by, Harvey Pulliam Jr.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Sixth Day of August  in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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