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I found this on WRAL’s GOLO site. For those not from the Triangle area of NC, it’s the local CBS affiliate in Raleigh, NC. GOLO stands for Go Local and they allow their ‘Community’ to post comments on stories, or blog on the sidelines. It’s alright, except it’s got about 20-30% liberal users. I’ve personally met ~ 30-50 of these bloggers & all the ones I’ve met, are very nice folks. Different opinions on things, but reasonable people

We’re slowly convincing some of ’em, of the EVILS of Socialism, and the insanity of the Liberal/Progressive mind.

Any way, back to the trash truck here.

Here is the link to the GOLO blog via Juan(I haven’t met him yet):


And in case the page gets lost, here’s the text:

This is a captured “garbage truck” captured in Gaza earlier this year by Israeli troops.

The dump truck is set up to fire nine Kasem “Katyusha-type” rockets and then drive off innocently.

The note pasted on the driver’s door says – “In case of traffic violations, please contact The Palestinian Authority.”

The Israelis have evidence of ambulances and emergency vehicles set up the same way.

And people wonder why Israel and Egypt BOTH enforce strict quarantines against Gaza.  Yes, Egypt does.  Many folks conveniently forget that Egypt, a “fellow” Muslim country, enforces a strict embargo against Palestinians in Gaza.

I’ll give the Palestinians bonus points for originality….

And now get this folks…… Hizbullah is possibly at our Southern Border working w/ the Mexican Drug Cartels. WE might get to see some of these cute little trucks here in NC. All that going on…. and most of the people are concerned that Lindsey Lohan has to spend 90 days in Jail.


Hizbullah might be working with drug cartels on the US-Mexico border, according to a letter cited by Fox News on Tuesday.

The letter, writen by Republican congresswoman Sue Myrick to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, called on US authorities to set up a special task force to “clamp down” on the threat.


A Hezbollah terror cell may be operating among drugs cartels around the U.S.-Mexican border, announced U.S. Republican National Committee Rep. Sue Myrick, according to a Fox News report.

Myrick requested that U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano create a special team to further investigate the potential problem and threat.

The Republican representative referenced several incidents that show evidence of Hezbollah’s efforts to infiltrate the U.S. region with the aid of Mexican drug cartel gangs.

“It is vital we know what is happening on our border, especially as crime and violence continue to rise there and as terrorist plots and threats are increasing inside the U.S.,” quoted the Fox News report.

Myrick cited the warming relationship between Iran and Venezuela as proof that Hezbollah members may be collaborating with Latin American drug cartels, who may be utilizing Hezbollah’s ability to dig underground tunnels for drug smuggling and in turn, providing funding, document forging, and false identities.

The Fox News report referenced Anthony Placido, assistant administrator for intelligence at the Drug Enforcement Administration, testifying at a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee in March this year, that some drug smugglers in the U.S.-Mexico region have had relationships with Hezbollah between the 1980s and 1990s.

“There are numerous reports of cocaine proceeds entering the coffers of Islamic Radical Groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas,” Fox News quoted Placido when he testified to the subcommittee. Placido labeled the proceeds as “easy revenue” that could potentially be used to fund terrorism.

Fox News also cited a 2006 House Homeland Security Committee report which details incidents of Hezbollah operatives who were apprehended when trying to access the U.S. through Mexico. The report mentions Mahmoud Youssef Kourani, a Hezbollah member who pleaded guilty in 2005 for supplying information to the terror organization after he was smuggled in the U.S. through Mexico, and lived in Dearborn, Michigan.

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