Kay Hagan and the 4th Amendment

      On the evening of December 27, 2012, our current US Senator Kay Hagan voted against protecting your 4th Amendment Rights.           Please do not reward her, by giving her your vote in November of 2014.           Here is the TEXT of what she voted against.    Continue reading “Kay Hagan and the 4th Amendment”

Kay Hagan and Her Pigford Fraud

  Joe (Big  F’ing Deal) Biden was in Chapel Hill, NC on Friday, FUNDRAISING for Sen. Kay Hagan. There was NO MENTION of the failed Obamacare SNAFU which Hagan has supported time & time again. I guess they haven’t defined a NEW TERM, or phrase yet, to describe it so it doesn’t sound like aContinue reading “Kay Hagan and Her Pigford Fraud”

Senator Hagan’s visit to Salisbury, NC

On Monday, June 14, 2010, this Patriot along with RandysRight, made the One hour and 45 minute trip to Salisbury, NC. Our purpose was to attend a little “Town Hall” style meeting with Traitor Kay Hagan. (BTW, that will be her permanent title from here on out). The meeting was suppose to start at 9:30am.Continue reading “Senator Hagan’s visit to Salisbury, NC”