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Update March 20, 2015 @ 8:00am – The parents were on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning.






UPDATE: March 17, 2015 @ 10:ooam – It has been brought to my attention that the Orange County School board has issued a statement.




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SilenceDogood2010 OP ED #2 — I have noticed that the comments supporting this atrocity are few and far between. And just this morning, I’ve had another commenter that claims her child attends this school. Yet the IP Address, from where the comment was made, is out of Georgia. That’s gotta be one hellava of a bus ride to & from school.

I have also been asked to edit and change contents of this post. Respectfully I refuse to do so. This issue came to light a few days ago & as facts present themselves, I shall make amendments to keep my readers informed. I will NOT Re-write History(even though it’s recent History) to appease a handful of whiners.

A wise man once said —- It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain

These folks have been fooled into believing that their actions have no consequences. They do. If your name is anywhere on that program, you own part of it. In criminal terms, you are an “Accessory Before the fact“. 



Accessory Before The Fact –
Definition– A person who aids, abets, or encourages another to commit a crime but who is not present at the scene. An accessory before the fact, like an accomplice, may be held criminally liable to the same extent as the principal. Many jurisdictions refer to an accessory before the fact as an accomplice.


UPDATE: March 16, 2015 @ 9:ooam —– From one of the comments below it seems that a better number to use is 540-672-4550. It has also been brought to my attention that Ms. Scott, the music teacher, wasn’t involved in the organizing of this program.

It has also been brought to my attention that this event took place either last Thursday or Friday (12th or 13th of March). It had been postponed due to local weather issues.


Allow me to address this issue of Ms. Scott, the music teacher:



SilenceDogood2010’s OP EDThe comments  give the impression that Ms. Scott is innocent and should NOT be held accountable for this program. I disagree. Ms. Scott was asked to provide music for this nightmare. Ms. Scott SHOULD be a responsible adult and inquired about the program & its contents. Instead, she appears to have followed her commanders and marched ‘Goose-Step’ in line with the others. This is what is WRONG in our society today. No one takes responsibility for their involvement in the crime.

As  they say, hindsight is 20-20, but Ms. Scott  should have looked at the program before just ‘Going with the flow’ and providing the ‘Motown Sound’.

However, since this a developing story, I have chosen to REMOVE Ms. Scott’s Phone & email address from this posting.


~~~ End of Updates ~~~








Edited Screengrab from David Webb's Facebook page. Click to enlarge

Edited Screengrab from David Webb’s Facebook page. Click to enlarge





I stumbled across this group of photos on Facebook. It was 1st posted, or shared by Holly — of Hobby Lobby Fame — and then, as I was vetting the story further, I saw that David Webb had also reported on it. I’m not sure exactly WHEN this program took place but I am guessing sometime in late February.

Here’s the actual text posted to the Facebook photos;



READ IT ALL… In our schools?

This story is sickening from a Police Officer’s perspective. If you’re a Police Officer supporter, this should make you want to throw up.

Notice the words in the first picture of the young lady’s hair. (“I can’t breathe, Stop shooting, etc.)

Of course this is our opinion. Numbers will be provide for you to either “applaud” the school’s efforts or for you to voice your concerns.

Sent in by a supporter/ Deputy who at this time wishes to remain anonymous.


In his own words:

Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXXXX.
I am looking for your help to get this story out there.

Last night my 8 year old daughter attended Orange County Schools annual Black History Month event (Orange County Virginia). We had assumed the program would highlight all the great accomplishments of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Or Rosa Parks. Instead, as my wife, 5 year old son and daughter found out, it was very little about them.

As my wife walked into the auditorium, she noticed the students working the event were wearing black t-shirts that stated “I Can’t Breath” and “‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬”. My wife tried to overlook it and settled in to enjoy the program. My daughter had been selected to participate in the program and sing a “Motown Medley” as part of one of the elementary choirs. My wife looked at the program that she was handed as she took her seat and found disturbing and, what I would argue, anti-police propaganda all over it.

At this point my wife had an uneasy feeling about what this program was actually about and quickly realized those black t-shirts were not just some of the students “protesting” but that it was part of the nights theme! One by one students began reciting “last words”. To include

“I’m from Ferguson Missouri…. I was told to put my hands up. I did, and I was shot 7 times. My name is Michael Brown.”

“I was sitting on the couch and the police came in my house and shot me in the head. I was seven years old”.

” I was falsely harassed for selling cigarettes and I was put into a choke hold that eventually lead to my death. I can’t breath my name is Eric Garner”

My wife was shocked and, at first, unable to move. She quickly grabbed her phone and recorded the last two students talking. Our daughter went up on stage as she debated removing her from the program knowing it would break her heart because she had practiced so hard for this and was so excited to perform.

She contacted me and told me what was going on. I told her as soon as xxxxx was done to leave. My wife did so and went to the staff member in charge of the students, with several other parents also unhappy about the program, and asked for our daughter. She was initially told they would not release her until intermission. My wife pressed a little harder and they released the students.

The program list readings that we’re going to be done the second half of the program. The titles included

“Voices: The Exhausting Task of Being Black in America”

“Don’t Shoot”

“Not an Elegy for Mike Brown”

“I Can’t Breathe”

“Does my Black Life Matter”

“They Don’t Really Care About Us”

We are upset about this for many reasons. We were excited to allow our daughter to participate in a Black History event. But why were we not told our daughter would be participating in a political event. Or I’d go as far as saying a protest based off of anti-police sentiment. Why would the school allow this type of rhetoric and, according to Eric Holder, lies. How dare they expose my young children to this type of propaganda.

The worst part about this entire event, was the conversation we had to have with our 8 year old girl well into the night about all of this, why they were saying this and why it was a lie. Things we shouldn’t have had to discuss in the detail we did.

I work very hard to serve my community. I don’t make a lot of money and I don’t ask for recognition for doing my job. But to hear my baby girl ask us why do cops shoot good people? Are they bad cops? Does that make you (me) bad?? It was heart breaking and infuriating all at the same time.

I have contacted the School Board and Lightfoot Elementary Principle. So far I have only heard back from my daughters principle.

Superintendent – Dr. Tanner

Director of Student Services –
Mr. Jean Kotolka 540-661-4550

Director of Elementary Instruction –
Mr. Bill Berry 540-661-4550

Lightfoot Elementary School Principle – Ms. Williams 540-661-4520

Music Teacher – Ms. Scott


Dr. Tanner — btanner@ocss-va.org
Mr. Kotulka — ekotulka@ocss-va.org
Mr. Berry — bberry@ocss-va.org
Ms. Williams — jwilliams@ocss-va.org

Any help you can give me to tell our story would be greatly appreciated. I feel this is an outrage to the LEO community and the general public.




Here are the photos. Click on any image to enlarge it.




VirginiaSchool02VirginiaSchool01 VirginiaSchool03 VirginiaSchool04 VirginiaSchool05


Is this what you want taught to your kids in the public schools that YOU pay for?




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fifteenth Day of March in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen. Beware the Ides of March. 

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