Charlie Anderson – Today!

Charlie Anderson character from the movie, “Shenandoah”

One of SD2010’s Favorite all time movies, is one called “Shenandoah”. All Star Cast” Jimmy Stewart, George Kennedy, Denver Pyle and many others. A film about the Civil War and one families struggle to stay out of it.

Jimmy Stewart portrays “Charlie Anderson”, a widower with a family… this is a different Charlie Anderson… but they have the same type of common sense… AND CHARACTER.

This was posted a little while ago on Facebook… I hereby deemed it to be worthy of sharing worldwide.



The text of his message…


Charlie Anderson

June 22, 2020


I have been debating myself for about a week whether I should write this post. I believe that people are rightfully scared of what they are seeing. It’s time you had a plan to protect your community from rioters.

First, let’s back up and consider how violent people make mistakes that are key to defeating them. When Adolf Hitler gave up conquering Great Britain and attacked Russia he made a fatal mistake. Britain subsequently served as the jumping off point for the Normandy invasion, resulting in a two front war for Germany. Hitler was a violent person so intent on attacking Russia that he made a stupid mistake.

Democratic Party anarchists, Antifa, and BLM have made a similar stupid mistake.They have initiated chaos without first disarming former American military veterans, former police officers, hunters, concealed carry individuals, home security enthusiasts, and garden variety gun nuts. This mistake would not pass muster in Saul Alinsky’s book for radicals.

The police are a tiny minority compared to the slow-to-anger American militia I have described. As we have seen, our police, however willing, are incapable of quelling mass mob violence, even if allowed to try by politicians.

Our armed polulace is much better equipped than the anarchists. You must take advantage of this. Before the lives of your families and your property are in jeopardy, you must have a talk with your neighbors.

As a neighborhood you should organize and prepare for mob violence. Designate a safe place for your family. I regret that I am an old man, but I shoot straight. Younger men must be the neighborhood leaders.

Here is the strategy: Multiple snipers shooting from concealed positions can break up almost any mob. The mob will panic. They were counting on no resistance. After a few mobsters drop in their midst, the mob will lose its enthusiasm for rioting.

This scenario is not what I want. It’s ugly. I spent my medical career saving lives. I have no desire to kill anybody.

However, your neighborhood militia is the only viable alternative to mob control when the police are incapable, unwilling, discouraged, overwhelmed, or restrained by politicians. Disorganized Individuals fighting back cannot stop a mob.

You are now looking at chaos 1.0. Chaos 3.0 threatens your food supply by the destruction of supermarkets. The blocking of key intersections by the mob will threaten your ability to travel to and from your place of employment. Your children will not be safe going to school.

The mob will eventually move from the cities to the suburbs in search of food and loot. SNAP cards will be useless without supermarkets.

Local militias must not wait until neighborhood businesses, schools, churches, and grocery stores are destroyed. Donald Trump cannot save you from a mob. The National Guard cannot arrive soon enough to prevent the loss of key infastructure.

Neighborhood militias should organize, store ammunition, practice communication, choose firing points several hundred yards away from buildings that must be defended, identify chokepoints and key intersections, plan crossfires, develop deployment and exit routes, and use large magazine hunting rifles and AR-15s with scopes. Target the most violent individuals in the mob, the leaders, the ones with guns. AK 47s and Ruger Mini-14s work just as well as hunting rifles and AR 15s.

This strategy has been successful around the world. I did not dream it up. It represents the safest and most effective way to combat mob violence. There is no future in playing gladiator one on one. A silencer on a scoped rifle shot from cover will produce havoc. The rioters will not know where the fire is coming from even without a silencer. Your barrel is not sticking out of some window. You are well back in a room with a secure rest, a couple of hundred yards from a choke point, invisible to security cameras.

The local police may work with you in this desperate struggle, but you need to know in advance who will stand up and who will hide.

Keep in mind that the police cannot do what an armed militia can do. They have body cams. They will be reluctant to fire on the mob, but they can hold key intersections, blocking access to critical community assets.

Such action, while regrettable, is far less destructive in lives and property than allowing the mob to procede.

A mob is made up
of individual cowards who seek easy prey. After three or four rioters drop they will scurry for easier targets. You have left your position and fallen back to a predeterminded observation point.

This is not vigilante justice. This is defending what is yours when nobody else can help you. This is civil war. We did not ask for this role. Rioters will come to us bringing violence and destruction. We must act because our elected officials will not protect us or support the police.

If you are unwilling to defend your family, your church, your schools, your hospitals, and your neighborhoods from a mob, I have limited sympathy for you.

Make no mistake. These mobs are tools of the Democratic Party, which is hiding behind “peaceful protestors.” There is no such thing now. Policemen are being murdered. We can either fight back or be victims. Now is the time for a neighborhood pow wow. Prepared people are less likely to panic under stress.”

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010, this Twenty Second Day of June in the Year of our Lord, Twenty Twenty.


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