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Open letter to elections boards throughout N.C.


Members of the NC State Board of Elections & County Election Boards

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I feel urged to remind you – before you hold your meeting / hearing today – that each of you has taken an SWORN OATH to support & defend the NC Constitution. Your duty today, is to uphold that oath.

To uphold that said oath, you MUST do the following;

1) Instruct each county board to go back through ALL of their ballots and remove each one that was cast using Same Day Register & Vote (1st time registrants), and/or those received on or about October 15th, and any other ballots that were cast by individuals who have not passed the COMPLETE VERIFICATION PROCESS as defined by NCGS 163-82.7.

2) These newly registered voters must also be thoroughly vetted concerning the ONE YEAR RESIDENCY requirement set forth via Art.VI, Sec. 2. of our Constitution (see cited clause below)

I realize this will be a difficult task, but it MUST BE DONE FORTHWITH. This task must especially be done in ALL COUNTIES that contain a University due to the high number of transient, ‘Out of State Students’. If a student only resides in NC during the normal school year, they must not be allowed to cast a ballot for our Council of State races, nor any local bond issues, nor other local candidates. They are however, allowed to cast ballots for ONLY President & Vice President as per Article VI, Section 2, Clause 2 cited below.

Now, some of the legal scholars, and elections employees will argue that this portion of our constitution concerning the ‘Durational Residency Laws’ was struck down by the supreme Court in 1972. Dunn vs. Blumstein, Tennessee. I’ll urge you to do your homework on this one. That argument is invalid because;

1) Our current constitution was completely re-written after the passage of the 1965 VRA, and;

2) Tennessee, nor any other state, had these newly conceived ‘Same Day Register & Vote’ laws on their books, and;

3) The 1972 SCOTUS opinion (Dunn vs Blumstein) does not take into consideration ‘Out of State’, transient individuals such as our university students, nor does it address issues that came with the U.S. Constitution’s 27th Amendment (Voting age reduced to 18) which was ratified in 1971. This case was heard less than 5 months after ratification of the 27th .


Dunn vs. Blumstein (SCOTUS, 1972)

Concluding that Tennessee has not offered an adequate justification for its durational residence laws, we affirm the judgment of the court below.



North Carolina Constitution 


Sec. 2.  Qualifications of voter.

(1)        Residence period for State elections.  Any person who has resided in the State of North Carolina for one year and in the precinct, ward, or other election district for 30 days next preceding an election, and possesses the other qualifications set out in this Article, shall be entitled to vote at any election held in this State.  Removal from one precinct, ward, or other election district to another in this State shall not operate to deprive any person of the right to vote in the precinct, ward, or other election district from which that person has removed until 30 days after the removal.

(2)        Residence period for presidential elections.  The General Assembly may reduce the time of residence for persons voting in presidential elections.  A person made eligible by reason of a reduction in time of residence shall possess the other qualifications set out in this Article, shall only be entitled to vote for President and Vice President of the United States or for electors for President and Vice President, and shall not thereby become eligible to hold office in this State.

Respectfully submitted by  SilenceDogood2010 this First Day of December in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen.

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