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With the end of the year comes local property taxes. I have decided to delve into the legality of these said ‘TAXES’.


From the NC Constitution, ARTICLE V, FINANCE



Sec. 2. State and local taxation.

(1)        Power of taxation. The power of taxation shall be exercised in a just and equitable manner, for public purposes only, and shall never be surrendered, suspended, or contracted away.

(2)        Classification. Only the General Assembly shall have the power to classify property for taxation, which power shall be exercised only on a State-wide basis and shall not be delegated. No class of property shall be taxed except by uniform rule, and every classification shall be made by general law uniformly applicable in every county, city and town, and other unit of local government.

(5)        Purposes of property tax. The General Assembly shall not authorize any county, city or town, special district, or other unit of local government to levy taxes on property, except for purposes authorized by general law uniformly applicable throughout the State, unless the tax is approved by a majority of the qualified voters of the unit who vote thereon.



Did your County ever VOTE to give the county the power to tax your home, or automobile, or boat, or trailer, or horse, or dog, etc? If so, did over 50% of the ‘Registered Voters’ in your county vote to approve this taxation?


Folks, we’ve been lied to and extorted for money for years! It is TIME to put a STOP to it!


Are Wake County tax rates the same as in Stokes County? Are Durham County Taxes the exact same as Yadkin County on a home valued at $150,000? No they are NOT! 



“The General Assembly shall not authorize any county, city or town, special district, or other unit of local government to levy taxes on property…”



140 plus years of democratic control in the NC General Assembly has hurt us badly.



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Thirty First Day of December in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen.

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 I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind a group of jubilant young individuals celebrating the coming  implementation of the health care bill. I could not even finish my breakfast. This is what ensued: They were a diverse group of several races and both sexes. I heard a young man exclaim, “Isn’t Obama like Jesus Christ? I mean, after all, he is healing the sick.”


 A young woman enthusiastically proclaimed, “Yeah, and he does it for free. I cannot believe anyone would think that a free market wouldn’t work for healthcare.”


 Another one said, “The stupid Republicans want us all to starve to death so they can inherit all of the power. Obama should be made a Saint for what he did for those of us less fortunate.”


 At this, I had more than enough. I arose from my seat, mustering all the restraint I could find, and approached their table. “Please excuse me; may I impose upon you for one moment?”


 They smiled and welcomed me to the conversation. I stood at the end of their table, smiled as best I could and began an experiment.


 “I would like to give one of you my house. It will cost you no money and I will pay all of the expenses and taxes for as long as you live there. Anyone interested?”


 They looked at each other in astonishment. “Why would you do something like that?” asked a young man, “There isn’t anything for free in this world.”


 They began to laugh at me, as they did not realize I had just made my point.


 “I am serious, I will give you my house for free, no money whatsoever.  Anyone interested?”


 In unison, are sounding “Yeah” fills the room.


 “Since there are too many of you, I will have to make a choice as to who receives this money-free bargain.”


 I noticed an elderly couple was paying attention to the spectacle unfolding before their eyes, the old man shaking his head in apparent disgust.


 “I tell you what; I will give it to the one of you most willing to obey my rules.”


 Again, they looked at one another, an expression of bewilderment on their faces.


 The perky young woman asked, “What are the rules?”


I smiled and said, “I don’t know. I have not yet defined them.


 However, it is a free home that I offer you.”


 They giggled amongst themselves, the youngest of which said, “What an old coot. He must be crazy to give away his home. Go take your meds, old man.”


 I smiled and leaned into the table a bit further. “I am serious, this is a legitimate offer.”


 They stared at me for a moment. “I’ll take it you old fool. Where are the keys?” boasted the youngest among them.


“Then I presume you accept ALL of my terms then?” I asked.


 The elderly couple seemed amused and entertained as they watched from the privacy of their table.”Oh yeah! Where do I sign up?”


 I took a napkin and wrote, “I give this man my home, without the burden of financial obligation, so long as he accepts and abides by the terms that I shall set forth upon consummation of this transaction.”


 I signed it and handed it to the young man who eagerly scratched out his signature.


 “Where are the keys to my new house?” he asked in a mocking tone of voice.


 All eyes were upon us as I stepped back from the table, pulling the keys from pocket and dangling them before the excited new homeowner.



 “Now that we have entered into this binding contract, witnessed by all of your friends, I have decided upon the conditions you are obligated to adhere to from this point forward. You may only live in  the house for one hour a day. You will not use anything inside of the home. You will obey me without question or resistance. I expect complete loyalty and admiration for this gift I bestow upon you. You  will accept my commands and wishes with enthusiasm, no matter the nature. Your morals and principles shall be as mine. You will vote as I do, think as I do and do it with blind faith. These are my terms. Here are your keys.”



I reached the keys forward and the young man looked at me dumbfounded.


 “Are you out of your mind? Who would ever agree to those ridiculous terms?” the young man appeared irritated.


 “You did when you signed this contract before reading it, understanding it and with the full knowledge that I would provide my conditions only after you committed to the agreement.”


 The elderly man chuckled as his wife tried to restrain him. I was looking at a now silenced and bewildered group of  ‘LIV’ people (Low Information Voters).

 “You can shove that stupid deal old man. I want no part of it!” exclaimed the now infuriated young man.


 “You have committed to the contract, as witnessed by all of your friends.


 You cannot get out of the deal unless I agree to it. I do not intend to let you free now that I have you ensnared. I am the power you agreed to. I am the one you blindly and without thought chose to enslave yourself to. In short, I am your Master.”


 At this, the table of celebrating individuals became a unified group against the unfairness of the deal.


 After a few moments of unrepeatable comments and slurs, I revealed my true intent.


 “What I did to you is what this administration and congress did to you with the health care legislation. I easily suckered you in and then revealed the real cost of the bargain. Your folly was in the belief that you can have something you did not earn, and for that which you did not earn, you willingly allowed someone else to think for you.


 Your failure to research, study, and inform yourself permitted reason to escape you. You have entered into a trap from which you cannot flee. Your only chance of freedom is if your new Master gives it to  you. A freedom that is given can also be taken away. Therefore, it is not freedom at all.”


 With that, I tore up the napkin and placed it before the astonished young man. “This is the nature of your new health care legislation.”


 I turned away to leave these few in thought and contemplation — and was surprised by applause.


 The elderly gentleman, who was clearly entertained, shook my hand enthusiastically and said, “Thank you, Sir. These kids don’t understand Liberty.”


 He refused to allow me to pay my bill as he said, “You earned this one. It is an honor to pickup the tab.”


 I shook his hand in thanks, leaving the restaurant somewhat humbled and sensing a glimmer of hope for my beloved country.





 1. Remember… Four boxes keep us free: the Soap box, the Ballot box, the Jury box, and the Cartridge box.




“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ~ Henry Ford






Hat Tip for this story goes to Moccasin Creek Minutemen out of Wake County North Carolina. They posted this one back in 2013. This fine group of gentlemen no longer have a website due to some health, & family issues of the webmaster, but their SPIRIT lives on in many of us.

I, SilenceDogood2010, am HONORED to have known them personally and I will still fight for Truth, Justice, & Freedom at every crossroad, village, or town.

As most of you might have already read — the previous posting about one citizen’s courage, and resolve, to stand up and fight for what is right — It is the duty of ALL CITIZENS to educate our youth. They are NOT getting an education via our public schools, nor our institutions of higher learning.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of December in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen.







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On December 10, 2015, the Durham County Board of Elections held a Voter Challenge Hearing. The following is a report on the event.


Please note that neither SilenceDogood2010, nor Mr. Goswick has any vendetta, nor do we wish any ill will toward Ms. Gonzalez. The purpose of this write-up is for information only.


“The Back Story: On October 29, 2015, several protesters were arrested for Blocking Traffic & Resisting an Officer. They were protesting a new law that forbids Sanctuary Cities in NC & makes Law Enforcement enforce our current Immigration Laws.


One of those protesters happens to state she lives very close to me and I discovered that she gave the Magistrate (on the arrest documents) an ‘Address’ that was out of State. Then I discover that she has voted in our local election. She Voted on Saturday October 31, 2015. Less than 48 hours after she claimed to the Magistrate that she lived out of state, yet she claims to the Durham County Board of Elections (BoE) that she lives here in the State of NC.”

Mr. Goswick provided me (SD2010) with his 1st hand account of the proceedings, and is quoted below:


The hearing started at 5pm at the Durham County BoE office. My statement, and my evidence, had already been presented to the ‘Board’ when I filed my ‘Challenge’ on November 6, 2015. The evidence consisted of copies of 2 Wake County Arrest Documents. These documents revealed that Ms. Gonzalez had presented herself to the Wake County Magistrate as living in Miami, Florida.






Ms. Gonzalez had ‘Lawyered Up’ — She had George Eppsteiner arguing her case. She also had Ms. Anita Earls at her counsel table. Ms. Earls never spoke during the hearing nor did she present any evidence. I guess she was there ONLY if they needed a ‘Big Dog’ to help in the fight. For those of you not familiar with these two lawyers, they are both from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice activist group. You can read their bios here.




Mr. Eppsteiner immediately moved to ‘DISMISS’ the case altogether. His reason was that the presented evidence, my evidence of the ‘Magistrate’s Documents’ — were “Hearsay”. I, Mr. Goswick, stated that they were copies of a public record of Ms. Gonzalez arrest less than 48 hours before she cast a ballot here in Durham County on October 31, 2015. And that the documents showed she presented herself to the Magistrate as living in Florida.


William J. Brian, Jr., the presiding Chairman of the Board of Elections agreed with me. He was also the one presiding over the hearing. Dawn Braxton was also on the board that evening. Ms. Margaret Griffin, the 2nd Republican member of the board was NOT in attendance that evening. I do not know why Griffin was not there. Mr. Brian is the other republican on the board and he is the chairman.


[ Side Note: Each of NC’s 100 counties has a BoE that consists of 3 members. 2 of those members follow the party that occupys the Governor’s Mansion. 2013 marked the 1st time that the BoE has had a Republican majority since 1993. There has only been 3 Republican Governors in NC since 1901. James E. Holshouser, Jr. (January 5, 1973 – January 8, 1977); James G. Martin (January 5, 1985 – January 9, 1993); and now we have Pat McCrory (January 5, 2013 – present) ]


Mr. Brian rejected Eppsteiner’s motion to dismiss.

Now, at this point, I am quite a bit out of my comfort zone and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I glance behind me at the gallery and see the likes of Bob Hall, Executive Director of Democracy NC, in attendance. I am all alone at my ‘Counsel Table’ and feel as though I’m a gladiator about to be eaten by the lions. I am NOT a trained litigator, nor an attorney, but I do have common sense and know ‘Right from Wrong’.


Mr. Eppsteiner proceeds to submit a sworn affidavit to the board as one of his ‘Exhibits’








To view a Larger image of the above affidavit, you can find them at this link;




As the challenger, I was never presented this info until I requested it on the afternoon of the hearing, December 10, 2015. I wasn’t even aware that there had been ANY response from Gonzalez or her counsel. I called Mr. Perry earlier on December 10th just to make sure that the hearing had not been postponed. It was at this point, and AFTER I asked him if there had been any response from Gonzalez, that he informed me of her affidavit. I requested he send that to me via email. One would think that the local BoE would provide that info to all parties in a timely manner after they received it — One would be incorrect.

Mr. Eppsteiner continued to enter into evidence things like Ms. Gonzalez’s Gas Bill, Rental Lease, Electric Bill, Bank statement, etc as proof of her residing at her stated Durham address. The address she had supplied to the Durham County BoE. Eppsteiner even produced a photo copy of her passport & then he supplied a photocopy of her Social Security Card – at this point I knew the BoE was going to side in her favor — but I went ahead and objected to the Social Security Card as evidence because it wasn’t relevant to the issue at hand. Any Tom, Dick, or Muhammed can get a social security card nowadays. You do not even have to be a citizen to get one. My objection was sustained on this particular point.


When I had my turn to cross examine Ms. Gonzalez, I reminded her that she had just stated, under oath, that she supplied the Wake County Courts, in May of 2013, her address in Miami. I then submitted online images of the “Tax Records” from Miami-Dade County Tax Collector showing that the said property had been foreclosed upon. Foreclosed on before her arrest in 2013. These tax records showed that the BANK had paid the property taxes on the address in December of 2012. The point I was making was that she had given a false address to the Wake County Magistrate back in 2013 also. And that she had just a few minutes earlier, provided a false statement to the BoE. This seemed to go over the heads of the Election Board and I was reminded that THIS HEARING was about her Current Residency, and not about perjury or false statements to other Government Agencies.


In hindsight, I should have really pressed the fact that, in my opinion she committed perjury, during the BoE hearing, and that action is Criminal, but I let it go at that point.


The Board ruled to ‘Dismiss’ my challenge against her vote on November 3rd during the municipal elections.



Owner of the Residence in Miami in 2009. The same owner is listed for years 2010 & 2011.



And you’ll notice the BANK paid the taxes on the property in 2012. That means that the home had already been foreclosed on and was no longer owned by the Gonzalez family. Note Taxes were PAID on Dec. 4, 2012 — 6 months before our NC Gonzalez was arrested in May of 2013 (the 1st time she was arrested)


SD2010 – I would like to thank Mr. Goswick for coming forth publicly to tell his story.  Conservatives have an uphill battle that we must fight if we are to regain our Republic.



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twelfth Day of December in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fifteen.








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