A Frauds Fraud: The Astrid Silva Story




Last night we listened to some Psycho Babble from the hallway in the Whitehouse. The Barack Hussein Obama speech on his Immigration Executive Order. I’ll be curious to see what is put in ACTUAL Writing when the EO debuts… but that’s different story.

Lets delve into this “poor, little, undocumented lady” that he mentioned — One Astrid Silva.

MSNBC was swooning all over  her last night

Screengrab from MSNBC. Click to enlarge.
Screengrab from MSNBC. Click to enlarge.



What’s the deal on this ‘Astrid Silva’ chic from Las Vegas that he mentioned? He said she has 3 degrees? 3 Degrees in what subjects? Let me guess — “Hispanic Women Studies”, or maybe “Liberal Arts”, or could it be “Jonathan Gruber Marketing & Public Relations” curriculum?!?!

Maybe her Degree is in “Cattle Rustling and Land Confiscation” [being that she is in Nevada and near the Bundy Ranch]

I wonder Who PAID for those 3 Degrees?  My guess is YOU & I.



[Transcript portion] – “Now tomorrow I’ll travel to Las Vegas and meet with some of these students, including a young woman named Astrid Silva. Astrid was brought to America when she was 4 years old. Her only possessions were a cross, her doll, and the frilly dress she had on. When she started school, she didn’t speak any English. She caught up to other kids by reading newspapers and watching PBS. And then she became a good student. Her father worked in landscaping. Her mom cleaned other people’s homes. They wouldn’t let Astrid apply to a technology magnet school, not because they didn’t love her, but because they were afraid the paperwork would out her as an undocumented immigrant. So she applied behind their back and got in.

Still, she mostly lived in the shadows until her grandmother, who visited every year from Mexico, passed away, and she couldn’t travel to the funeral without risk of being found out and deported. It was around that time she decided to begin advocating for herself and others like her. And today Astrid Silva a college student working on her third degree.”


She sure is a busy little rascal to be UNDOCUMENTED as the liar in chief states. Undocumented folks do not have Social Security numbers. Just by having a SSN, that is a Document —- Therefore no longer is she undocumented!!!!




Screengrab from her Facebook page
Screengrab from her Facebook page. Dated March 2013


So, now let us review some Facts on Social Security:

Does a noncitizen need a Social Security number?

Unless you are a noncitizen who wants to work in the United States, you probably do not need a Social Security number. Generally, only noncitizens authorized to work in the United States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can get a Social Security number. Social Security numbers are used to report an individual’s wages to the government and to determine a person’s eligibility for Social Security benefits. You need a Social Security number to work, collect Social Security benefits and receive some other government services.

Identity and work-authorized immigration status

To prove your identity and work-authorized immigration status, show us your current U.S. immigration documents and your unexpired foreign passport. Acceptable immigration documents include your:
• Form I-551 (includes machine-readable immigrant visa);
• Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record); or
• Form I-766 (Employment Authorization Card).

What if I need a number for other reasons?

If you are not authorized by DHS to work in the United States, you can get a Social Security number only if you can prove you need it for a valid non-work reason. That might happen, for example, if a state or federal law requires you to have a Social Security number to obtain benefits to which you have already established entitlement.


And she is involved with the Local Clark County Democratic Party and other Socialist Groups. [I wonder if she is registered to VOTE also???]



From July 2013




Here is her Facebook page in case you’d like to peruse it yourself. And of course she supports Same Sex Marriage.



She is ALSO involved with a group named “The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada




You gotta LOVE those Socialists Fists that the left are so proud of!
You gotta LOVE those Socialists Fists that the left are so proud of! Ms. Silva is pictured here on the 2nd row, 2nd from the left. She is holding one of those ‘Purple Penguin Socialist Fists’ we heard about a few weeks ago.




“PLAN’s Executive Board and Staff

Executive Board – Theresa Navarro, President — Nancy Hart, Treasurer — Michon Eben, Secretary — Yvanna Cancela, Director at large — Joe McCarthy, Director at large — Mayra Ocampo, Director at large — Jocelyn Torres, Director at large

Northern Nevada – Bob Fulkerson, Co-founder and State Director — Jan Gilbert, Co-founder and Director Emerita — Rosa Molina, Citizenship Director and Operations Manager — Stacey Shinn, Jan Gilbert Social Justice Fellow and Director of Government Affairs

821 Riverside Drive Reno, NV 89503 — PH (775) 348-7557

Southern Nevada – Aurelio Buhay, Fast Food Worker Organizer — Rafael Lopez, Fast Food Worker Organizer — Laura Martin, Communications Director — Astrid Silva, Immigration Organizer — Howard Watts III, Field Director

2330 Paseo Del Prado Suite C109, Las Vegas, NV 89102 — PH (702) 791-1965




Ms. Silva & Dingy Harry
Ms. Silva & Dingy Harry



And according to THIS ARTICLE from 2012, she was president of the Clark County Young Democrats. Hummm….. Doesn’t one need to be a registered  DEMOCRAT to hold an Executive Position in a Democrat Organization?  Oh…. never mind, it’s Harry Reid’s area and we all know how truthful he is!



“In May 2011, Astrid graduated with her Associate’s Degree in political science. Two months later, she co-founded DREAM Big Vegas with some of the volunteers she had been working with the past year. Today, she is an organizer for PLAN Action and President of the Clark County Young Democrats. Last week, the inaugural edition of the book, “Las Vegas Latino Leaders” went on sale. One hundred seventy five community leaders are profiled. She is one of them.”





In closing, once again Barack Hussein Obama  has outright LIED to the American people.  Ms. Silva is NOT an Undocumented  Dreamer as she is described by BHO.



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty First Day of November in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Fourteen.

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One thought on “A Frauds Fraud: The Astrid Silva Story

  1. The problem is, no matter what the truth is, BHO has taken ownership of this ULTIMATE wedge issue. Republican leadership is the weakest ever…no push back, no creativity, zero production.
    Now we are all talking about immigration when, frankly, there are a dozen more urgent things to deal with. But then that’s the genius of liberal manipulation. They are the best at setting the daily topic of interest.

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