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The more I read about their poster child, the 92 year old lady Rosanell Eaton, the  more confused I get. One story she claims she went to register in 1939, at 18 years old — The next story she was 21 years old and had to recite the constitution from memory….in Latin while standing on her head. (Now that was  an exaggeration, but you get my drift)

I know it’s difficult to keep your stories straight when you make ’em up as you go.

Screen Grab from Charlotte Observer Story. She registered to vote in 1939 at 18 years old.

Screen Grab from Charlotte Observer Story. She registered to vote in 1939 at 18 years old.

“Memories of registration

Some of the testimony was emotional.

Rosanell Eaton, 91, recalled that at age 18 she hooked up a mule and wagon and went to the Franklin County seat to register to vote. She said she was required to stand up straight and recite the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. After performing the task, she was allowed to register that day in 1939.

She spoke against the voter ID law.

“It has become very burdensome and shocking what we are going through in this state,” Eaton said.


This story was posted on Wednesday, Mar. 13, 2013
Hmmmmm……. in 1939, North Carolinians were required to be 21 years of age to register to vote. According to our NC Constitution from 1868.

This story she claims that she was 21 when she registered.

In 1939 you had to be 21 to register to vote in NC.

But her story changes depending on when you talk to her. From a Wednesday, July 10, 2013 story;


Screen grab from the July 10, 2013 story.

Screen grab from the July 10, 2013 story.

“ROSANELL EATON: (Relayed by her daughter Armenta while Rosanell rested her voice) “What brought her out was the possibility of requiring voter ID. She was required when she was 21 years old to repeat the preamble to the Constitution in order to register. She did it! She didn’t even know she had to do it, she was just smart. They would yank you around back in those days. She was valedictorian of her class, she knew all that stuff. It’s what she had to go through. She thought things were smooth sailing. She’s seen the good, bad, and the ugly. Now she’s seeing the ugly again. She fought for civil rights, she was a civil rights worker, and now she sees that it’s going backward.”

In 1939, or 1942 (when she would have been 21), the 1868 version of our NC Constitution was the law and it stated you must be at least 21 years of age to vote. Not 18. Here’s the text of from our 1868 Constitution.


        SECTION 1. Every male person born in the United States, and every male person who has been naturalized, twenty-one years old or upward, who shall have resided in this State twelve months next preceeding the election, and three months in the County, in which he offers to vote, shall be deemed an elector.”

Women were given voting rights via the XIX (19th) Amendment. Ratified August 18, 1920. The XXVI (26) Amendment changed the voting age to 18. It was ratified July 1, 1971

Ms. Eaton also states that she had to “RECITE” the Preamble. She is either mistaken or a liar. The NC Constitution states that to be able to register to vote, you must be able to READ & WRITE, any portion of it. You do NOT have to recite it from memory.

Sec. 4. Qualification for registration. Every person presenting himself for registration shall be able to read and write any section of the Constitution in the English language.


AND —- Keep in mind that democrats were in control of
North Carolina during ALL of this.


Lastly,  if you really want LAUGH OUT LOUD at the NAACP…. Take a gander at the law suit they filed. Who files a suit with UNKNOWN PLAINTIFFS?

Notice the Jane Doe 1 & John Doe 2 ???? WTF is that????

Notice the Jane Doe 1 & John Doe 2 ???? What in the WILD, WILD World of Sports is that????







Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Sixteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Thirteen.

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Look up Frantz Kebreau. This is one very smart gentleman.

Look up Frantz Kebreau. This is one very smart gentleman.


Please visit “Stolen History”  to really educate yourselves.


Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Sixteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Thirteen.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. is coming to NC. Butner NC to be exact. Incase you’re interested, here are some screen grabs (taken from Google Maps) taken on August 15, 2013 of the “RESORT Complex” that is handling his accommodations for the next 30 months.

Just a few of the amenities include:

2 Football / Soccer Fields
8 Baseball Diamonds
Numerous Basketball & Tennis Courts
Several Horseshoe pits
Several Beach Volleyball Courts

Overview of the Butner Federal Correctional Campus. Click to enlarge


Zoomed in slightly to show just one part of the complex. Notice the Baseball diamonds and Football Field. Click to enlarge

Zoomed in a little closer to show the Beach Volleyball, Basketball  & Horseshoe areas.

Zoomed in a little closer to show the Beach Volleyball, Basketball & Horseshoe areas. Click to enlarge.

And, he & his wife are collecting TAXPAYER money while they are staying at the Butner Resort.

First the pensions, for both Jacksons. They were public employees: his work for the federal government since being elected to Congress in 1995; her work for the City of Chicago since being elected alderman in 2007.


Ex-congressman Jackson is eligible to receive $8,700 dollars per month in disability pay due to his bipolar condition and could receive a partial federal pension of $45,000 per year once he reaches 65.

While on the city council, Sandi Jackson had automatic pension contributions of more than $50,000 withdrawn from her pay, even though she chose not to be a member of the city pension fund.


Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fifteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Thirteen.

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Update: October 7, 2013

The case has been DROPPED!



Click to enlarge. Message from Harvey on Facebook.

Click to enlarge. Message from Harvey on Facebook.

——- End of Update ——-

Kernersville Police Department needs to hear from their EMPLOYERS! We The People….

On Tuesday morning, August 6, 2013, a Mr. Harvey Pulliam was issued a citation for exercising his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

From his Facebook post

Harvey Pulliam Jr. –

Kernersville Police prevented me from exercising my 1st Amendment Rights this AM at the Salisbury Bridge. They said I did not have a permit, I showed them my permit(s) the US & NC Constitutions. They took down my signs and wrote me a citation to appear in court Oct 9.2013 in Kernersville, said I was blocking the sidewalk, somebody might come by in a wheelchair, I said, probably not, but if they did I could move my chair to allow them plenty of clearance. Was just an excuse to shut me down.So….sometimes the line has to be drawn in the sand, and constitutional rights must be respected by over zealous officials.

Mr. Pulliam’s location:

I will urge every single reader of this post to contact the Kernersville NC Police Department and express your disappointment in officer J.L. Redden giving a citation to Mr. Pulliam and the actions of the entire KPD.

Kernersville Police Department

Address: 134 E Mountain St, Kernersville, NC 27284

Phone:(336) 996-3177


If you’d like to email them, here’s a sample of one of the letters they have already received:

This morning at 9am an American citizen, Harvey Pulliam Jr, was standing on an overpass with an “Impeach Obama” sign. Your officers violated his right to peaceably assemble and his right to freedom of speech and wrote him a citation for his presence where they felt he shouldn’t be.


Obviously you need some education on the Constitution. This email is to inform you that, as of this message, twenty-three newspapers and public blogs have been notified of your behavior. You are about to suffer a catastrophic public relations nightmare. I promise you it’s only going to be an embarrassment for your department until charges are dropped and a public apology is made to Mr Pulliam.


It is not for you to decide what rights are allowed to American citizens. We have a Constitution. You will follow it.


D. Wade.

Update from Harvey Pulliam Jr. on Facebook. This screen grab was taken on Tuesday August 6 at approx. 4pm EDT.


Photos of, and taken by, Harvey Pulliam Jr.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Sixth Day of August  in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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2 different people and 2 “SIMILAR” solutions —– The Theme is “Take RESPONSIBILITY!”

Thank You both Judge Elaine Bushfan (NC Judge) and Sheriff Mike Scott (Florida Sheriff)


Judge Elaine Bushfan

Judge Elaine Bushfan

“District Judge Elaine Bushfan, who has heard criminal cases for 20 years, decided last year to become more involved outside her courtroom.


“We can stop some of the things that are happening, especially with our young African-American males,” said Bushfan, who pulled together a group of friends to target the mothers of young, black men in Durham.


“We wanted to go to other women and begin to instill in them a sense of community and who they are,” she said. “The men will follow.”


The group, which calls itself “The Godmothers,” didn’t gain traction at first. No one showed up to Hoover Road neighborhood meetings. Eventually, women started coming around, and the group is now helping them plan activities for the National Night Out anti-crime effort.


“We can work on crime prevention and are working on that, but what we really need to be working on is building relationships, building opportunities,” said Wendy Clark, a member of The Godmothers.”

Mike Scott is called a racist and the MSM runs with it.

Sheriff Mike Scott

Sheriff Mike Scott

Mike Scott’s Letter to the local NAACP.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge


Here’s more on Sheriff Scott.


If you would like to contact Sheriff Scott to thank him, here’s his address:

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

14750 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy.

Fort Myers, FL 33912-4406

(239) 477-1000

Contact Form

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Third Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Thirteen.

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