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Update February 3, 2012 – Judge Malihi ignores the evidence presented and sides with Soetoro.

It’s a sad day. Our beloved Republic has died.


Update January 31,2012 – 1st Court Transcript released:



I’d suggest each of you save a copy of this PDF file offine for future reference.

Update – “Judge Malihi was “Prepared” to enter a default judgment but that would have been without any testimony being heard. We had to get the testimony in the courts records so the offer of a default was refused and the case proceeded, without a Defense council presentation. Now we will await his ruling on this and the various motions submitted by the Plaintiffs.” (via Carl Swensson)


The Georgia Secretary of State has already stated that he will follow the Judges Recommendations.


Here’s a little more thorough report from this morning.


By Craig Andresen on January 26, 2012 at 9:25 am

Given the testimony from today’s court case in Georgia, Obama has a lot of explaining to do. His attorney, Jablonski, was a NO SHOW as of course, was Obama.

The following is a nutshell account of the proceedings.

Promptly at 9am  EST, all attorneys involved in the Obama Georgia eligibility case were called to the Judge’s chambers. This was indeed a very interesting beginning to this long awaited and important case.

The case revolved around the Natural Born clause of the constitution and whether or not Obama qualifies under it to serve. More to the point, if found ineligible, Obama’s name would not appear on the 2012 ballot in Georgia.

With the small courtroom crowded, several in attendance could be seen fanning themselves with pamphlets as they waited for the return of the attorneys and the appearance of the judge.

Obama himself, who had been subpoenaed to appear, of course was nowhere near Georgia. Instead, Obama was on a campaign swing appearing in Las Vegas and in Colorado ignoring the court in Georgia.

Over the last several weeks, Obama’s attorney, Michael Jablonski, had attempted several tactics to keep this case from moving forward. He first tried to have it dismissed, then argued that it was irrelevant to Obama. After that, Jablonski argued that a state could not, under the law, determine who would or would not be on a ballot and later, that Obama was simply too busy with the duties of office to appear.

After all these arguments were dispatched by the Georgia court, Jablonski, in desperation, wrote to the Georgia Secretary of State attempting to place Obama above the law and declared that the case was not to he heard and neither he nor his client would participate.

Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, fired back a letter hours later telling Jablonski he was free to abandon the case and not participate but that he would do so at his, and his clients peril.

Game on.

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

15 minutes with the attorneys in the judge’s chambers.

20 minutes.

It appears Jablonski is not in attendance as the attorneys return, all go to the plantiffs table 24 minutes after meeting in the judge’s chambers.

Has Obama’s attorney made good on his stated threat not to participate? Is he directly ignoring the court’s subpoena? Is he placing Obama above the law? It seems so. Were you or I subpoenaed to appear in court, would we or our attorney be allowed such action or, non action?

Certainly not.

Court is called to order.

Obama’s birth certificate is entered into evidence.

Obama’s father’s place of birth, Kenya East Africa is entered into evidence.

Pages 214 and 215 from Obama’s book, “Dreams from My Father” entered into evidence. Highlighted. This is where Obama indicates that, in 1966 or 1967 that his father’s history is mentioned. It states that his father’s passport had been revoked and he was unable to leave Kenya.

Immigration Services documents entered into evidence regarding Obama Sr.

June 27th 1962 is the date on those documents. Obama’s father’s status shown as a non citizen of the United States. Documents were gotten through the freedom of information act.

Testimony regarding the definition of Natural Born Citizen is given citing Minor vs Happersett opinion from a Supreme Court written opinion from 1875. The attorney points out the difference between “citizen” and “Natural Born Citizen” using charts and copies of the Minor vs Happersett opinion.

It is also pointed out that the 14th Amendment does not alter the definition or supersede the meaning of Natural Born. It is pointed out that lower court rulings do not conflict with the Supreme Court opinion nor do they over rule the Supreme Court Minor vs Happersett opinion.

The point is, to be a natural born citizen, one must have 2 parents who, at the time of the birth in question, be citizens of the United States. As Obama’s father was not a citizen, the argument is that Obama, constitutionally, is ineligible to serve as President.

Judge notes that as Obama nor his attorney is present, action will be taken accordingly.

Carl Swensson takes the stand.

Testimony is presented that the SOS has agreed to hear this case, laws applicable, and that the DNC of Georgia will be on the ballot and the challenge to it by Swinson.

2nd witness, a Mr. Powell, takes the stand and presents testimony regarding documents of challenge to Obama’s appearance on the Georgia ballot and his candidacy.

Court records of Obama’s mother and father entered into evidence.

Official certificate of nomination of Obama entered into evidence.

RNC certificate of nomination entered into evidence.

DNC language does NOT include language stating Obama is Qualified while the RNC document DOES. This shows a direct difference trying to establish that the DNC MAY possibly have known that Obama was not qualified.

Jablonski letter to Kemp yesterday entered into evidence showing their desire that these proceedings not take place and that they would not participate.

Dreams From My Father entered.

Mr. Allen from Tuscon AZ sworn in.

Disc received from Immigration and Naturalization Service entered into evidence. This disc contains information regarding the status of Obama’s father received through the Freedom of Information Act.

This information states clearly that Obama’s father was NEVER a U.S. Citizen.

At this point, the judge takes a recess.

The judge returns.

David Farrar takes the stand.

Evidence showing Obama’s book of records listing his nationality as Indoneasan. Deemed not relevant by the judge.

Orly Taitz calls 2nd witness. Mr. Strump.

Enters into evidence a portion of letter received from attorney showing a renewal form from Obama’s mother for her passport listing Obama’s last name something other than Obama.

State Licensed PI takes the stand.

She was hired to look into Obama’s background and found a Social Security number for him from 1979. Professional opinion given that this number was fraudulent. The number used or attached to Obama in 1979, shows that Obama was born in the year 1890. This shows that the number was originally assigned to someone else who was indeed born in 1890 and should never have been used by Obama.

Same SS number came up with addresses in IL. , D.C. , Mass. , and Conn. (Note -The Mass. reference here is for the location of the PHONE Records associated w/ the SSN. See the Scribed.com link at the bottom of this post)

Next witness takes the stand.

This witness is an expert in information technology and photo shop. He testifies that the birth certificate Obama provided to the public is layered, multiple layered. This, he testifies, indicates that different parts of the certificate have been lifted from more than one original document.

Linda Jordan takes the stand.

Document entered regarding SS number assigned to Obama. SS number is not verified under E-Verify. It comes back as suspected fraudulent. This is the system by which the Government verifies ones citizenship.

Next witness.

Mr. Gogt.

Expert in document imaging and scanners for 18 years.

Mr. Gogt testifies that the birth certificate, posted online by Obama, is suspicious. States white lines around all the type face is caused by “unsharp mask” in photo shop. Testifies that any document showing this, is considered to be a fraud.

States this is a product of layering.

Mr. Gogt testifies that a straight scan of an original document would not show such layering.

Also testifies that the date stamps shown on Obama documents should not be in exact same place on various documents as they are hand stamped. Obama’s documents are all even, straight and exactly the same indicating they were NOT hand stamped by layered into the document by computer.

Next witness, Mr. Sampson a former police officer and former immigration officer specializing in immigration fraud.

Ran Obama’s SS number through database and found that the number was issued to Obama in 1977 in the state of MA. Obama never resided in MA. At the time of issue, Obama was living in Hawaii.

Serial number on birth certificate is out of sequence with others issued at that hospital. Also certification is different than others and different than twins born 24 hours ahead of Obama.

Mr. Sampson also states that portion of documents regarding Mr. Soetoro, who adopted Obama have been redacted which is highly unusual with regards to immigration records.

Suggests all records from Social Security, Immigration, Hawaii birth records be made available to see if there are criminal charges to be filed or not. Without them, nothing can be ruled out.

Mr. Sampson indicates if Obama is shown not to be a citizen, he should be arrested and deported and until all records are released nobody can know for sure if he is or is not a U.S. Citizen.

Taitz shows records for Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, showing he resides in Hawaii and in Indonesia at the same time.

Taitz takes the stand herself.

Testifies that records indicate Obama records have been altered and he is hiding his identity and citizenship.

Taitz leave the stand to make her closing arguments.

Taitz states that Obama should be found, because of the evidence presented, ineligible to serve as President.

And with that, the judge closes the hearing.

What can we take away from this?

It’s interesting.

Now, all of this has finally been entered OFFICIALLY into court records.

One huge question is now more than ever before, unanswered.


Without his attorney present, Obama’s identity, his social security number, his citizenship status, and his past are all OFFICIALLY in question.

One thing to which there seems no doubt. He does NOT qualify, under the definition of Natural Born Citizen” provided by SCOTUS opinions, to be eligible to serve as President.

What will the judge decide? That is yet to be known, but it seems nearly impossible to believe, without counter testimony or evidence, because Obama and his attorney chose not to participate, that Obama will be allowed on the Georgia ballot.

It also opens the door for such cases pending or to be brought in other states as well.

Obama is in it deep and the DNC has some…a LOT…of explaining to do unless they start looking for a new candidate for 2012.

Message posted  January 27, 2012 on Facebook from Carl Swensson:

I’m not perfect and in a moment of weakness made a bad judgement call. This is what I just sent to all involved…

Dear Cody Judy,

I do have regrets that I mentioned her and her case in a negative way and can offer no excuse since any difference I have must be delivered in person. That situation did not occur yesterday though I was fully prepared for that. What you saw was my frustration at not being able to deliver that message.

As to what went on yesterday… It has taken 2 years of constantly getting before my State reps with special emphasis on Brian Kemp, to get these challenge hearings established which he did. For that I will forever be in his debt as a voter and now staunch supporter. His assigning this Judge meant a very special alignment of the stars had just occurred and the opportunity to get, on open record, the issue of nbC status which we did. That has been and remains the focus of my efforts. Remember, this was a challenge hearing, not a court case. Orly did use this as a platform to get her issues on record but has never acknowledged the hard work of others to make this day happen. Yeah, I find that a bit disconcerting and again, that’s unfortunately, what came out.

My thinking, whether some feel it’s flawed or not, is to take the direct approach to get him off the ballot based on the only pleadings that could be applicable in this hearing. If or once that occurs, the criminal issues will necessarily follow and that is where She can do the most good. ALL the records are now entered into evidence and both Mark and Van did a masterful job of crafting them submitting them and entering them. Both were extremely careful to draw the line of separation between what we were doing and what Orly intended to do. Only Mark put forth the motion to shift the burden of proof from the Plaintiff’s to the Defense and that has yet to be ruled on. If we get a favorable ruling on that one point alone, all future Pres. Candidates will have to put up or shut up when seeking their name placement on GA’s ballot.

So, in closing, I’d like to offer you my apology for making the derogatory statement concerning her actions in court. I reduced myself in that moment. We are all in this fight and I agree this type of infighting is uncalled for. My bad.

Please share with everyone on your list.

Carl Swensson

Other links and information:










Addendum #1 –


There is an urgent need to send messages of support to Judge Malihi, the judge who heard the Georgia Obama Ballot Challenge on 1-26-2012. We need to send Judge Malihi a note of thanks for his courage and willingness to stand for the US Constitution.

Here is Judge Malihi’s web site.

Send your appreciation to:

Contact:  Valerie Ruff for Judge Malihi Case Management Assistant

Tel: (404) 651-7595   

Fax: (404) 818-3751


Call, email respectful appreciation. Some have said it’s essential for Judge Malihi to sense that “we the people” are behind him and his action. So let’s remove any doubt the Judge might have of the strong support we’re offering.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Sixth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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Here’s a brief summary of this mornings activities in Georgia. The Barack Hussein Obama -Barry Soetoro Constitutionally Eligibility hearings.

Adobe Expert testifying on the Falsified Birth Certificate posted on the White House Website. Click to enlarge the image.








Taitz asked Vogt if he examined the birth certificate which was posted online, and he said, “Yes, I did.”  He stated that “sloping lines” would not be seen if the image had been made from a paper document.

Taitz asked, “Would you expect to see a clear embossed seal on the document?” and Vogt answered, “Yes, I would.”  However, he stated that such was not present on Obama’s birth certificate.  Regarding the number of Obama’s purported birth record, Vogt stated that “federal regs” require that “all birth certificate numbers have to be sequential, starting on January 1.”

At 10:49, witness John Sampson took the stand.  He stated that he has a background in criminal justice, served as a police officer in New York City and worked as an immigration inspector.  His background includes working for the INS in the area of “immigration fraud” and he was also a deportation officer.   He stated that he has testified in front of “federal grand juries.”  He stated that he started his own consulting firm in 2009 and has been self-employed since then.

Taitz asked Sampson about Obama’s social security number, and Sampson said that he “ran” the number 042-68-4425 and that it was assigned to Obama since 1977.

Taitz asked if Sampson had examined the birth certificate, and he said, “Yes.”  He raised the issue of the Nordyke twins’ birth certificate, whose numbers were lower than Obama’s even though their birth occurred a day later.  He stated that the registrar’s name was different than that on the Nordyke twins’ documents and that it was unlikely that the registrar would have been different in the “same hospital” regarding births one day apart.

Sampson recommended further investigation, including subpoenas and court orders, to obtain more information on the number “042-68-4425.”

Sampson mentioned that Obama has also been known as “Barry Soetoro.”

Taitz asked what Sampson thought needed to be done regarding the questions about Obama’s background, and he recommended asking for an official copy of the SS-5 for his social security number application and the Hawaii Department of Health to see “if he was born in Hawaii.”  Sampson stated that an investigation would be “a criminal investigation” through a U.S. attorney’s office.  He said that if a person has been found to be impersonating a U.S. citizen, he would be subject to “deportation.”

Shortly thereafter, Sampson’s testimony ended, and Taitz began discussing Obama’s alleged years in Indonesia from 1968-71, during which he was known as “Barry Soetoro.”

“We have another boy who from 1968-69 was in Hawaii,” she said.  The judge then said, “Are you testifying?  Do you know how?” which brought laughter from the assembly. The judge then said she could discuss the matter during closing arguments.  Taitz responded, “I would like to testify,” after which she took the stand.

Taitz stated that “Mr. Obama has resigned from the bar.”  The judge asked, “How is that relevant?” Taitz said that it was pertinent because Obama was “hiding his identity.”

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Sixth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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The US Constitution gives the President the power to make recess appointments when the senate is not in session. I’d like to take a minute and delve into this topic a little further.

First, let us read that portion of the US Constitution:




The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.




Notice the wording our founders used….. “that may happen during the recess of the Senate“.

Allow me to explain this, in plain English, for all the Judges  and constitutional experts. What this means is, John Doe is the current Secretary of State, who was vetted & approved via the senate  after the president nominated him. The nomination process  was completed and then Mr. Doe is sworn into his position. Now, It’s the Christmas recess of the senate, and Sec. of  State John Doe has a heart attack and dies. At this point, the president CAN appoint John Q. Public to this position. The vacancy HAPPENED during the recess.

What the President CAN NOT do, is wait for a recess, then appoint someone who the senate does NOT approve of!

Now, John Q Public is ONLY the Sec. of State until the end of the next Session of the Senate. Hopefully, during that next session of the Senate, the president will nominate someone, and the Senate will hold Confirmation Hearings on that said individual. If the Senate approves of the appointment, THEN AND ONLY THEN, is the seat filled  for the duration of that president.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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Angela Cox

One of my fellow Patriots brought to my attention The Burleson Declaration. It was read on the floor of the US House of Representatives, by Congressman Chet Edwards, in July of 2009.

I’ve taken the liberty, you know how I Love Liberty, to post the text of the Declaration below.

I will urge ALL OF MY FELLOW  PATRIOTS, to slightly modify this text, and send similar Declarations to every one of the 535 members of the 112th congress.

Thank you Ms. Cox for all that you do to help preserve our great Republic. You madam, are a GREAT PATRIOT indeed!



[Congressional Record Volume 155, Number 113 (Friday, July 24, 2009)]

[Extensions of Remarks] [Pages E1932-E1933] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office



HON. CHET EDWARDS of Texas in the House of representatives  Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mr. EDWARDS of Texas. Madam Speaker, to honor the request of a group of citizens from Burleson, Texas in my district, I rise today to enter into the Record the following resolution:

The Burleson Declaration

When, in the course of human events it becomes necessary for “we the people” of the United States to remind our federal government of it’s constitutional limits, duty demands that we communicate our grievances and petition for redress under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

We begin by reaffirming the core values on which our forefathers founded this Constitutional Republic.

We hold these truths to be self evident–that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights our forefathers instituted a limited federal government which derives its just powers from the consent of the governed–but the history of our Federal government is one of continual over-reaching beyond it’s  constitutional mandate to secure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

We are therefore peaceably assembled here in Burleson, Texas on this April 15th, 2009 to demand that the Federal government immediately cease it’s abridgement of the People’s rights, and the state’s rights.

We call on our District 17 U.S. Representative Chet Edwards to read this our petition for redress on the House floor so that it may be entered into the official record of the House.

We call on our U.S. Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn to enter our petition into the Senate record.

We call on President Barak Hussein Obama to veto all legislation and desist from Executive Orders which contravene the will of the people herein expressed.

Whereas, the encouragement of private and public debt by the federal government has brought America to the brink of financial devastation, and has made us a debtor nation;

Whereas, history proves government spending has never succeeded in curing an economic downturn, but rather serves only to deepen and prolong it, snowballing debt for future calamity;

Whereas, government takeovers of banks and financial institutions move America ever further from the free-enterprise principles that have brought the nation prosperity for 233 years, and bring it closer to Socialism;

Whereas, bailouts of private corporations represent a counterproductive response to what is, essentially, a government-induced crisis, and effectively make the President the CEO of private corporations;

Whereas, the current level of irresponsible government spending is bankrupting this country, burdening our children and great-grandchildren with never-ending debt, and making the United States a servant to lender nations such as Communist China;

Whereas, redistribution of wealth by government for the purpose of achieving “social justice” is immoral and a proven failure:

We hereby demand an end to all further “stimulus” spending, corporate bailouts, “earmarks,” pork projects, welfare programs, higher tax rates and attempts to nationalize industries. We reject socialism, no matter how it is packaged. And we pledge to hold accountable any and all elected officials who continue to pursue this course that is rapidly leading America to ruin. We remind the government that we are guaranteed a Republican form of Government in the  constitution. (Article 4, Section 4)

We hereby petition Congress to repeal the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 which unconstitutionally delegated to the Executive Branch the spending decision of 700 Billion dollars. We call on the government to immediately divest itself of GM, AIG, and all private corporations, and to provide an exact accounting of all TARP funds spent to date. We demand the repeal of H.R. 1106, which forces  American families pay the mortgage for those who received loans they did not qualify for.

We petition Congress to repeal the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 (H.R. 1105), and that the budget bill under consideration be killed which has a net tax hike of $1.35 trillion.

We petition Congress for passage of H.R. 450 the Enumerated Powers Act, to require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.

We petition Congress for a final end to the death tax which effectively double taxes every citizen’s income and usurps our right to transfer wealth to our posterity. This abridges our constitutional right to be safe in our effects, papers and property.

We reject the cap-and-trade energy tax, which Candidate Obama admitted would “cause electricity rates to skyrocket.”

We reject the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 which will force onerous certification and inspection requirements on family farms and could make private vegetable gardens unlawful and turn the farmers market into a black market.  (H.R. 875)

We reject the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act which takes from the American worker the right to privately ballot whether to organize labor, or not, and makes them subject to union intimidation and bullying. (H.R. 800)

We reject the so called “Ted Kennedy Serve America Act”which forces our youth into involuntary servitude and subjects them to years of indoctrination. This is a violation of the 13th Amendment to our constitution which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude except when duly convicted of a crime. (H.R. 1388)

[[Page E1933]]

We reject all encroachment upon our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. An armed populace is the greatest preservative of the Republic against tyrants. We reject all attempts to limit access to ammunition. We reject the reinstatement of the Failed 1994 Gun and Magazine ban.

As Ronald Wilson Reagan has said: “There are those in America today who have come to depend absolutely on government for their security. And when government fails they seek to rectify that failure [by giving] government more power, at the expense of the Constitution, in their willingness to give up their arms in the name of safety, they are really giving up their protection from what has always been the chief source of despotism–government.”

We reject government run Health Care which would give bureaucrats the power to ration health care. This leads to an Orwellian society where government ultimately decides the time and circumstance of every citizen’s death.

Finally, we reject the current `Create a Crisis’ method of controlling the people of the United States. As Texas Congressman Ron Paul correctly stated,“Whenever something terrible happens, people reflexively demand that government do something. This impulse almost always leads to bad laws and the loss of liberty.”

We say that we do not trust in the Nanny-state, we choose instead to believe in the Constitution, in our fellow Americans, in the free enterprise system, and in our God. To these principles we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, and witness our determination by our signature affixed below. We demand that our elected representatives make it their highest priority to address these grievances or face certain expulsion from office, and we strongly suggest they add their signature to ours.

Signed in Burleson, Texas, April 15th, 2009 by WE THE PEOPLE.

UPDATE January 21, 2012 @ 12:45pm EST:

I just received information that Ms. Cox has been awarded another Honor concerning her fight to help save our Great Republic. Notice the ‘Personalized/Handwritten’ marks,  on the prepared letter, from Congressman Bill Flores.  He calls her ‘Angie’!

Once again, “Great Job” young lady!


Letter from Congressman Bill Flores (Texas17th District) Click to enlarge the image

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Sixteenth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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The NC Constitution (Click to enlarge)

NC Governor Bev Perdue is all in a hissy over the VETO OVERIDE that happened during the wee hours of the morning today. She has even called it ‘Unconstitutional’ in the MSM. Of course, the MSM will NOT follow up and investigate her claims. So, SilenceDogood2010 WILL!

Here’s a couple of links from our FINE Main Stream Media

WRAL’s Coverage

“The Republicans in the General Assembly didn’t have the votes to get what they wanted legally. So, in the dark of the night, they engaged in an unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab,” Perdue wrote. “I am saddened for the people of North Carolina that the Republicans abused their power and chose this destructive path.”

From NBC 17’s coverage

“Democratic leaders called the vote a travesty because five Democrats were absent, including Rep. Larry Womble of Forsyth County, who is still hospitalized after a car wreck.”

Now….Let us ACTUALLY look at the NC State Constitution;

Article II Legislative – Sec. 11. Sessions.

(1) Regular Sessions. The General Assembly shall meet in regular session in 1973 and every two years thereafter on the day prescribed by law. Neither house shall proceed upon public business unless a majority of all of its members are actually present.

(2) Extra sessions on legislative call. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall convene the General Assembly in extra session by their joint proclamation upon receipt by the President of the Senate of written requests therefor signed by three-fifths of all the members of the Senate and upon receipt by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of written requests therefor signed by three-fifths of all the members of the House of Representatives.

Article II Sec. 22. Action on bills

“…..If after such reconsideration three-fifths of the members of that house present and voting shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent, together with the objections and veto message, to the other house, by which it shall likewise be reconsidered; and if approved by three-fifths of the members of that house present and voting, it shall become a law notwithstanding the objections of the Governor. In all such cases the votes of both houses shall be determined by yeas and nays, and the names of the members voting shall be entered on the journal of each house respectively.”

Article III Executive – Section 5 Duties of the Governor

(7)  Extra sessions.  The Governor may, on extraordinary occasions, by and with the advice of the Council of State, convene the General Assembly in extra session by his proclamation, stating therein the purpose or purposes for which they are thus convened.


Perdue has issued NO PROCLAMATION concerning this Special Session!

Dec. 2011 Proclamations - Click to enlarge




Jan. 2012 Proclamations - Click to enlarge



Respectfully Submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fifth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.


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Update: February 18, 2015 @ 9:30am EST —
Several of the links originally

provided have been deactivated.
Please review the links THOROUGHLY. 

~~~ End of Updates ~~~





Please view the above referenced source for the FULL story.

Documents obtained by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show then Clinton Deputy   Attorney General for the District of Columbia Eric Holder authorized members of the FBI to provide explosives to Oklahoma City bombing criminals Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols immediately prior to the April, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building.

Holder had authorized the FBI to provide the explosives to McVeigh and Nichols in conjunction with a Clinton Administration undercover operation named PATCON, an acronym for “Patriot Conspiracy.” As Jesse Trentadue describes it, “PATCON was designed to infiltrate and incite… militia[s] and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them.”  (1)

Both Waco and Ruby Ridge are now known to have been PATCON inspired, Department of Justice plots.

Shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, Holder instructed FBI agents to recover from Terry Nichols any remainder of the explosives the Bureau had provided him and McVeigh. To the chagrin of Eric Holder, the explosives were later discovered by another agency, complete with the fingerprints of Nichols, McVeigh and 2 FBI agents. Holder had reportedly offered Nichols respite from the death penalty for his cooperation in recovering the explosives.  Obviously the Deputy Attorney General AG for DC considered covering up his criminal complicity in the bombing eminently worth sparing Nichols just punishment for the murders of 168 innocent Americans.

Jesse Trentadue accidentally came across PATCON while investigating the murder of his brother Kenneth at the hands of the Clinton Department of Justice. An FBI informant familiar with the Oklahoma City bombing story, Kenneth was found hanged in his cell after having been jailed by the FBI. Though an official FBI report had listed Kenneth as a suicide, it was obvious that he had been severely beaten and his throat cut. (Link to Picture Of Kenneth Trentadue’s Body: Warning: May Be Disturbing To Some)

More info on Kenneth Trentadue

Upon Jesse taking the federal government to court, a federal judge ruled that the FBI had not only lied about Kenneth Trentadue’s death, the Bureau was also found guilty of having destroyed evidence concerning the case. In 2001 the Trentadue family was awarded $1.1 million, $250,000 of which remains a reward for information leading to the conviction of Kenneth Trentadue’s killers.

In late November, Newsweek magazine was to run a story revealing the history of PATCON, the Oklahoma City bombing complete with the part played by Eric Holder, the FBI initiated killings at Waco and Ruby Ridge and the subsequent murder of Kenneth Trentadue. But as Mike Vanderboegh,  owner of the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog reports, Newsweek senior editor Tina Brown was “convinced” by members of the Clinton and Obama Administrations to remove certain information from the lengthy R M Schneiderman article. So although originally approved for publication by Newsweek editor John Solomon, the article which finally appeared in the magazine had been cut to pieces, undoubtedly providing great relief to Holder, Clinton, Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno and many other current and former members of the Department of Justice. (Editor: Mike Vanderboegh Obtained Excerpts from Original Article)  

It hardly needs pointed out that this and other extraordinary stories of corruption and facilitation of murder by the Clinton and Obama Administrations stink to high heaven. A number of links for further reading have been provided below. Rest assured that we at WesternJournalism.com will continue to pursue the stories of PATCON, Fast and Furious and any other examples of executive branch corruption. It’s doubtful we will want for material.

Other links & info.


Link Above has been purged from the web.




Link Above has been purged from the web.



One little snippet from the DOJ Report linked below:

7. False Statements by BOP (Bureau of Prisons) and FBI Employees

We concluded that three BOP employees and one FBI employee made false statements under oath to their supervisors, to various investigators, or to the OIG in this matter. We referred this matter to the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice. After its review, it declined prosecution because of lack of “prosecutive merit.” However, we believe these false statements constituted serious misconduct, and have referred the matter to the BOP and FBI for appropriate action.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fourth Day of January in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Twelve.

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