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Please join me, along with other Patriots,

as we battle the Local Democrats here in

Durham, NC.

TIME SENSITIVE  Your attendance is needed!  

Friday August 26, 2011  

URGENT: We would like you to attend a Board of Elections Meeting this Friday!

Contact: Theodore Hicks


Durham Republican Party

Can you attend a meeting at the Durham County Board of Elections this Friday?

Friday August 26, 2011  at 1:00 PM at Board of Elections Building

706 West Corporation Street Durham, NC 27701

Last Tuesday, August 16th, the Board of Elections convened for what many expected to be a routine meeting.  At this meeting, the Board was set to appoint the Precinct Judges, etc. for the upcoming elections.  This was not to be.

The Durham Democrat Chair, Tracey Burns-Vann, was at that meeting and insisted that because the current Governor is a Democrat then all Chief Judges, therefore, must also be Democrats.  The Republican Representative on the Board of Elections, Bill Brian, refused to go along with this and as a result an additional meeting has been scheduled for this coming Friday, August 26th at the Board of Elections Headquarters (706 West Corporation Street).

You should know that if the Durham Democratic Party accomplishes their objective here, the Republican Party will lose all 7 of our Chief Judges.  We also stand to lose a significant number of additional precinct officials.  You will no doubt agree that there is a reason that each Precinct is supposed to have a judge from both political parties.  You will probably also agree that it would not bode well for the conservative effort to have every Precinct in Durham run by a Democrat Chief Judge.

Since these meetings are open to the public, we strongly encourage you to attend.

To that end, you should rest assured that your Durham Republican Party is preparing an official response and as a result, you should not need to speak at this meeting.  We are simply asking for your attendance.  We want to visually demonstrate to the Durham Democratic Party that the Durham Republican Party will not lie down.  We will defend liberty by defending a fair electoral process.

Thank you in advance for helping us defend the electoral process.  I look forward to seeing you this Friday.

Patriotically & Conservatively Yours,

Theodore Hicks Chairman, Durham Republican Party

And the John Locke Foundation has picked up this story. Thank you Mr. Ham.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fourth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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On August 21, 2011, Beck started his “Restoring Courage” rally in Israel.

Here’s the highlight clip of his speech from Sunday.



And here’s the full coverage via “The Blaze”



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Second Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Durham's own Mary Katharine Ham (photo copied from Google images)

Please join me, along with the Durham County Republican Party, Friday, August 19th at 6:00 pm as we welcome home one of Durham’s Most Prominent Republicans, Mary Katharine Ham.

Mary Katharine Ham is currently a co-host on The Morning Majority radio show aired on Washington DC 630 WMAL.  In addition, Ham continues to serve as a writer and video producer of the Daily Caller.  She is also a regular featured contributor to Fox News Channel, where she appears regularly on the O’Reilly Factor and other programs.  In the past she has served as a writer for The Weekly Standard and Washinton Examiner, and as Managing Editor of Townhall.com.

The cocktail reception will begin at 6:00 pm with dinner being served at 7:00 pm.


Bill LuMaye from 680 WPTF will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

Location: Sheraton Imperial 4700 Emperor Blvd. Durham, NC 27703
General Admission tickets are $55 per person or $100 per couple.
Discounted student tickets are available for only $40 per person.

Here’s the link to order your tickets.


Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fourteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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