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From the University that gave us Crystal Gail Mangum comes another “Great Moment in Black History” (my apologies to Dave Chappell for stealing his skit name)

Democrat Congressman tells Graduates to “Get Into Trouble!”

John Lewis (on Nancys Right Side) lies to media and says he was "SPIT On and Called the 'N' Word". Remember this from last year folks?

Now, just yesterday, he was in Durham and spewing MORE of his NON-SENSE!

Graduates’ time for ‘good trouble’

By Neil Offen   noffen@heraldsun.com    419-6646


DURHAM — One of the transcendant heroes of the civil rights era told graduates of N.C. Central University Saturday that this was the time for them to “get into good trouble.”

Speaking at the university’s 117th annual undergraduate commencement, U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., recalled the beginnings of the fight to end segregation in the South and of his initial commitment to racial justice.

“I heard about Rosa Parks,” Lewis said. “I was inspired by Martin Luther King. I got into trouble. I got into good trouble.”

Lewis, who missed his own college graduation because he was in the state penitentiary in Parchman, Miss.,  for his non-violent protests of segregation, instructed the 538 students who were receiving their bachelor’s degrees Saturday to follow that example.

“Find a way to get in the way,” Lewis told them during a passionate yet folksy commencement address. “Find a way to get into good trouble.”

Lewis spoke on the 50th anniversary of the day in 1961 when Freedom Riders, attempting to integrate interstate bus stations in the South, nearly died when their bus was firebombed in Anniston, Ala. One of the original Freedom Riders, Lewis himself was severely beaten several times during the period, including on the freedom march in Selma, Ala., which he led. 

But, he said, despite the violence, despite the threats and dangers, “we didn’t give in. You must not give in. Keep your eyes on the prize.”

This year’s commencement marked the first time NCCU held two ceremonies, the first one on Friday to award graduate and law degrees.  University officials decided after the 2010 spring commencement that the combined ceremony for nearly 1,000 baccalaureate and graduate students had become too long and unwieldy.

The football stadium stands still were filled almost to capacity Saturday, with families and friends of the graduates loudly cheering them on, from the moment they marched onto the field.

Sherry Lawson had come with 17 other family members from Washington, D.C., to see her son, Wesley, graduate.

“Oh, you just don’t have an idea how happy I am,” Lawson said. “Do you want to see me do my happy dance? This is just a great moment for the entire family.”

It was a great moment, as well, for Ashley Griffin, who was receiving her diploma during the ceremony.

“It went by so fast,” Griffin said. “I can’t believe it’s over.”

Poor ole John being arrested in April of 2009.

And here is the story of his arrest in 2009 via an Atlanta News Station.


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Marker at the Bennett Place. "UNITY" is the main theme behind the 2 Nekkid Heads Tour.

Friday May 6, 2011 – Durham, NC

2 Nekkid Heads during the “Fried Chicken Leg” of the tour

Kevin Jackson (Blacksphere author and Conservative Comedian/Activist) along with Joe (The Plumber) Wurzelbacher brought their message to the folks of the Triangle Area of NC. The whole event was sponsored by Triangle Conservatives Unite. The day started out with a pontoon ride breakfast on Jordan Lake and then proceeded to the BULL CITY of Durham. This is where I’ll focus this article since I have 2nd hand info on this portion. My Patriot friend Bart was there AND has given me permission to use his photos & videos.

The Durham event started with Joe & Kevin meeting some fellow conservatives at a black owned restaurant in downtown Durham, Dame’s Chicken & Waffles located at 317 W. Main Street. According to Bart’s reports, it was a great venue. Food & service was terrific. Thanks to Mike(the manager) their host & server for the afternoon. If you live in the Durham area, and you haven’t already found this little gem, please check it out! You won’t regret it.

Joe & Kevin with some of the local folks at Dames.

As the name implies----Chicken & Waffles!

After lunch, they took a little tour through Durham and the historic American Tobacco Campus led by “Carl & Glen”…two of the locals. For those readers who may not be familiar with the Durham area, the American Tobacco Campus is an old cigarette factory that has been turned into a retail venue with restaurants, shops, apartments and office space.

Notice that Suntrust Bank DOES NOT fly an American Flag any longer? Empty Flag Pole in the center of the rooftop.

NC Mutual Ins. building was a key part of the historic 'Black Wall Street' that was originally located on Parrish Street in Durham. They DO fly both the American & NC Flags PROUDLY out in front of their building

Joe & Kevin w/ some of the locals outside of Dames.

Joe & Kevin at the American Tobacco Campus

After the little walk thru downtown Durham, the group decided to stroll out to the historic Bennett Place Homestead. Bennett Place is the site of the largest surrender of troops during the US Civil War. General Johnston(Confederacy) surrendered to General Sherman(Union) on April 26, 1865—– 17 days AFTER Lee & Grant met at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia.

Joe & Kevin talk to a Confederate Soldier at the Bennett Place.

Kevin chats with the Union Soldier too.

Kevin & Carl pose in front of the desk where the terms of surrender were signed by Johnston & Sherman on April 26, 1865.

Click on any of the pics for a larger version.

And here’s a couple of short video clips.

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Joe “The Plumber” and comedian Kevin Jackson have decided to take their message to the Deep South, and to prove that America is the most tolerant country in the world. They want to meet tea party members, and general all round folks who live in the Triangle Area and get to know them better.

Kevin and Joe will be having lunch in Durham.  Please take your lunch hour to come out, shake hands and to get a picture.  This is a great restaurant with wonderful food and a great atmosphere.  Kevin and Joe will be at the restaurant from 12:30pm until 2:00pm.

RSVP here if you’d like to. If not, just come on out and say hello & have some great Chicken & Waffles at Dames317 W. Main Street Durham, NC 27701    Phone: (919) 682-WAFL (9235)

Joe (The Plumber) Wurzelbacher

Kevin Jackson

Official Site


The Tour that will UNITE America!

This tour is about an inter-racial couple being able to travel the entire country celebrating extremes. Joe is white, Kevin is black. The chasm just doesn’t get any wider than that, unless of course if Kevin was darker—Joe can’t get any whiter.

Joe and Kevin represent the friendship that the Left doesn’t want the world to see! The two will tour the country together in a bet that they can survive visiting 50 states as polar opposites– from a color wheel perspective. Other than that, it’s difficult to tell the two apart.

In their travels they plan to document the racial divide that supposedly exists all over America. Like just the other day at a supermarket where Kevin watched a guy who looked Puerto Rican or Mexican, then again he could have been black or even a well-tanned Greek man smacking around a guy who was definitely white. The two walked up to each other, grabbed right hands, then rammed each other in the shoulder. Then they sort of laughed and backed off.

That type of stuff is happening all over the country, especially at ball games, parties, and so on. It’s an epidemic! Joe and Kevin will spend all day in each location, observing and reporting, from breakfast until supper time. It’s their way of keeping America safe!

There are other events throughout the day with Kevin & Joe. Please check out TCU’s site for all the details.

Sponsored by TCU

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fifth Day of May in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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