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From NC Renegade

Socialist LOGO's (Click to enlarge)

Now is the time for all good men

to come to the aid of their country

This Saturday, February 26th may go down in history as the tipping point in our country’s history. Our country’s divisions between market place ideologies are being effectively used to destroy our future. The forces of Socialism are being organized by the Democrat National Committee, Barack Obama’s Organizing for America, SEIU and the NAACP as stated by Rev. Barber at the SEIU bus tour in Raleigh. From MoveOn.org’s website:

MoveOn.org has partnered with other national progressive organizations: Democracy for America, PCCC, Van Jones, US Action, True Majority, Color of Change, CREDO, National People’s Action, Center for Community Change, Courage Campaign and Progressive Majority.

Read the full story at the link above.

Here is another example of the what the socialists do and their behavior.

Conflict begins at ~ the 7 minute mark.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fourth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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For those of you NOT familiar w/ The Triangle Flight of Honor, here’s a brief summary;

Triangle Flight of Honor is a group that sends our World War II Veterans to DC to view the memorials that most of them have never seen. They work completely on donations and they do not accept ONE RED CENT from the veterans themselves. It’s completely free of charge for our Heroes….the Greatest Generation.

Starting this Thursday evening in Cary, NC —- There will be a series of FREE Concerts put on via the SAS Institute. Great venue for the family and please dig deep your pockets to donate for the Triangle Flight of Honor. Here’s all the info….

“Peace Love Music”

SAS’ VocalMotion to Raise Money for Triangle Flight of Honor


This year’s SAS Annual Choir Performance to Benefit Triangle Flight of Honor — VocalMotion, an all volunteer show choir sponsored by SAS in Cary, has designated the Triangle Flight of Honor as the sole beneficiary of all donations at the upcoming  musical program.  This year’s performance, to be held on the SAS campus in Cary, is titled “Peace Love Music” and is the 19th annual show sponsored by SAS.  100% of all donations at the performance will go to benefit the Triange Flight of Honor.

Show dates are:

Thursday, February 24th           7:00 pm

Friday, February 25th               7:00 pm

Saturday, February 26th            2:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Sunday, February 27th              2:00 pm

The show is open to the public and all are invited to attend!!!

Three Flights Scheduled for Spring, 2011 —  To build on the success that we shared this past fall in honoring 200 World War II veterans with trips to their Monument in Washington DC, the leadership team of the Triangle Flight of Honor is proud to announce that we have scheduled three flights for the Spring.   Spring flight dates are:

* Wednesday, April 6, 2011 (Mandatory pre-flight meeting on Saturday, March 26th)

* Tuesday, April 19, 2011 (Mandatory pre-flight meeting on Saturday, April 9th)

* Wednesday, May 4, 2011 (Mandatory pre-flight meeting on Saturday, April 30th)

Donate Today – If  you would like to financially support the Triangle Flight of Honor, please make a donation at any local First Citizens Bank or Bank of America location or donations can be made through the website.  With the three flights planned in 2011, your contribution is much needed and is certainly very appreciated!

THANK YOU to the sponsors of the program who have worked together since early Spring to put these flights together.  Your contributions and effort made a task of this magnitude possible.   Here is a partial listing of several of the organizations that helped with both of the Flights of Honor.

* North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association

* Capital Broadcasting (WRAL, WRAL-FM)

* Curtis Media (WPTF)

* Bank of America

* First Citizens Bank

* Golden Corral

* Wake County New Car and Truck Dealers

* Sunny Johnson with Johnson Lexus

* George Anderson with Sir Walter Chevrolet

* Paul White with Universal Chevrolet

* John Alexander with Cardinal International Trucks

* Bob Glaser with the North Carolina Auto Dealers Association

Update the FACEBOOK Fan Page Please upload your photos to the special Fans’ page for the Triangle Flight of Honor.  Pictures and comments have already been added. View Facebook Pictures!!

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Third Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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The liberal lefties are gonna be mad.  Why you might ask? Well, Good ole hard working Americans (aka the TEA Party) showed up in droves to Madison Wisconsin on a cold Saturday morning. There was no “Government Backing” of them. The Unions didn’t charter buses for ’em; Organizing for America, the DNC and the SEIU were NOT involved in the event in the least…. AND to top this all off, it was done in less than 36 hours. The event was announced Friday morning.


Click to enlarge.





I want you pay close attention to the above photograph.  The TEA PARTY rally was to be held on the EAST side  of the Capital building(East is on the right side of this photo). Notice how far the people stretch going down the street on the right? Notice all the YELLOW Signs/Flags. Those would be Gadsden Flags (Don’t Tread on Me).  This photo was taken sometime in the afternoon, notice the shadows of the trees. Note— The Sun sets in the west folks and that means that shadows are cast toward the east.


There was also a lot Fraud taking place via the UNION folks. Dr’s were handing out “Excuse Notes” without performing an examination. Stating that these folks were “SICK & Tired” of losing benefits & money. And they are SICK of Governor Walker.





And Wisconsin State Democrat Senators go AWOL (Absent without Leave)







And here are a few miscellaneous links.







And an ad placed on Craislist.


Click to enlarge



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Patriots, this post will be a long one. I have taken the liberty (you know how I love liberty) to copy the text from several different sources and combine it all here.

First off, here’s a link to David’s (NC Freedom) new site.


The Democratic National Committee and Obama’s Organizing For America are responsible for directing the protests in Wisconsin. As these “union” protests spread throughout the country, Twitter and Facebook are being used as the social network tools for the administration’s efforts to destabilize our own country by inciting civil unrest.

The next few days will be critical in our nation’s history. Will the president and the DNC be successful in the implementation of their Cloward-Piven Strategy? At what point will Americans recognize treason at the highest level of our government? Our nation is under attack from within and our future is now in our hands. Do we have enough honor and integrity to cross the line in the sand?

David DeGerolamo









Next, here’s a little proof of what OFA and the DNC are calling for:


Screen Grab from the DNC homepage. Click for larger image.

Screen grab of Organizing for America (MYBarackObama) and their call for boots on the ground.(Click for larger image)

Organizing for America (Wisconsin homepage)

“Fight for Our State Workers”

by Mary HoughThursday February 17 2011 11:45:0 AM

UPDATE: For the past two days, thousands of workers have been gathering at the State Capitol in Madison, WI, to defend their rights in the workplace. From nurses to police officers, public sector workers and OFA volunteers have been protesting against proposed legislation to take away workers’ rights to bargain collectively. With a vote on the legislation expected as early as today, volunteers are already gathering at the Capitol this morning. It’s going to be a big day in Madison and you can follow updates throughout the day on the OFA Wisconsin Twitter feed.

Organizing for America is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin to defend the rights of public employees from an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize.

Jessie Lidbury, regional field organizer, explains why this is so important:

We’ve got a fight on our hands and it’s personal. Over the past few days serious developments have surfaced of Governor Scott Walker presenting a “Budget Repair Bill” that will essentially gut collective bargaining for public employees here in our own backyard of Wisconsin.

Over the next couple days nurses, teachers, snowplow drivers, prison guards, and public servants will be standing together to let Governor Walker, know what is at stake: livelihoods, heath care, our children’s education, and the rights of all workers.

With a vote scheduled to happen by Thursday, February 17th, just six days after this bill was introduced, we are asking our legislators and our governor to think before they act—to listen to how we will hurt.

Here are the facts, Wisconsin’s public employees have gone without pay raises while taking unpaid furlough days. By making cuts with this “Budget Repair Bill”, the negotiating rights of nursing aids, teachers, correctional offices, and others will be taken away.

State employees already agreed to more than $100 million in concessions in a contract settlement that the governor scuttled before even taking office.

If this bill passes, most public employees, working for state and local governments as well as school districts, would no longer have the right to bargain collectively with their employer over any issue except pay, and even that would be capped. They would no longer be legally allowed to bargain collectively on issues such as the quality of their working environment or the funding teachers and other state employees need to do their jobs.

Our job as organizers is to take action, and what better way than to help out our friends in the labor community. The vote could happen as soon as tomorrow so we need to act now.

Can you believe what you just read via OFA? Obama is undermining the duly elected State Government of Wisconsin, Using YOUR Taxpayer Money to call for a REVOLT against the local government and his party’s LOCAL elected officials have skipped town (I call that dereliction of duty) to Illinois. That is a summary of what the Democratic Party is doing in Wisconsin.

Now, where are the good guys at, you might ask? They are working to get the word out and get the Wisconsin officials some grass roots backup. Today is a turning point in our nations history.

Official statement from Tea Party Patriot founders

Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler

“In the current situation in Wisconsin, we see Democratic politicians and their constituency standing against democracy.  Instead of responding to the will of the people, Democratic legislators are in hiding, and refusing to show for a vote which they are certain to lose.  Teachers have closed down the schools.  Union thugs have overrun the capitol and are damaging property, and carrying signs with crude abuse and threats.  Meanwhile, instead of acting “Presidential” and calling for a restoration of the democratic process, civility and decency, the President and his Organizing for America are actually standing against democracy in Wisconsin.

In summary, here is what we see in Wisconsin; Democratic legislators in hiding and not legislating, teachers on sick-out and not teaching, and students out of school and not learning.  Most importantly, we see our President, who is supposed to be a leader, not “leading.”    Is it any wonder that public opinion has turned against the President, the Democrats, public employee unions and their thugs?”

Info about the Rally in Wisconsin on Saturday 2/19/11

We would like to thank American Majority for spearheading the rally in Madison tomorrow.  They have done an excellent job  leading the effort  organizing the rally.

We have received emails from tea party organizers in Wisconsin thanking us for our show of support  for this effort by sending out an email about the rally.  Tea Party Patriots will always be there to support local tea party organizers and some of our National Coordinators will be there with you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 19 · 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Wisconsin State Capitol, East Side of the Building

Also, Andrew Breitbart is stepping up too. Here’s a Op Ed from Flynn.


Mike Flynn

Now the battle has been joined.

It has long been understood that the 2010 elections were just the beginning of the struggle to reverse America’s current decline. It will take at least two or three election cycles to correct decades of bad policy choices. We aren’t staring into the fiscal abyss because of any single policy or event, but rather the cumulative effect of dozens, if not hundreds, of flawed decisions made by fickle politicians who capitalized on the fact that the American public was largely disengaged. In the end, these decisions created a vast political class who live off the fruits of others’ labors.

When a business wants to increase its future earnings, it has to find new markets and sell more of its product. For the political class its the same, only their markets and products are government services. As a result, every year, public sector unions spend tens of millions of dollars lobbying for bigger government and filling the campaign coffers of the politicians who acquiesce to their demands. In addition to bigger government, they’ve won pay packages higher than the private sector, almost 100% job security and the ability to retire in their fifties with lifetime retirement income and health benefits. All paid for by us. Unlike private sector unions, every dollar funding government employees’ pay, pension and benefits comes out of our paychecks.

In other words, we’ve created an enormous taxpayer-funded lobby whose sole mission is to resist any effort to control government spending. As the old saying goes, we’ve seen the enemy and, while they may not be us, we are funding them.

This is why the current political fight in Wisconsin is critical.

As long as public sector unions maintain a near-monoply hold on government spending decisions, we will never be able to get our fiscal house in order. Breaking their hold isn’t sufficient to restore some fiscal sanity, but it is a necessary first step.

If there is any doubt how important the fight in Wisconsin is, look no further than the left’s reaction to it. Governor Walker’s proposal calls on public employees to pay more into  their retirement fund and pay around 12% of their health insurance premiums. It also ends collective bargaining for most public employees, which mostly affects union bosses rather than rank and file members and is an important measure to forestall a future fiscal crisis.

For this, tens of thousands of public school teachers called in ’sick.’ So many, in fact, that hundreds of schools across Wisconsin have been closed for days. They pressed school children into service as fellow protesters, most not understanding the issue at hand. They drew up signs comparing the governor to Hitler and called the GOP Nazis. Several GOP Senators have faced multiple death threats. When all of this wasn’t enough to stop the proposal, their allies in the Senate simply fled the state to prevent a vote from happening.

Now, President Obama is weighing in to support the unions and the national Democrats’ Organizing for America is helping to coordinate the union protest. The left-media industrial complex will give the unions cover to allow maximum pressure on the brave GOP Senators. Just a few years ago, all of this would have been sufficient for the unions to carry the day. But no longer.

Now there is us.

We have to win this fight. The Democrats are a wholly unserious party–they just had a press conference on Capitol Hill against spending cuts with a cartoon Aardvark. The GOP is better, but it is a bit like the shell-shocked soldier returning to the trenches. Yes, it is back in the fight, but it is a bit shaky and uncertain. It needs cover and support. When a politician like Governor Walker bravely steps out of the trench, he needs us to have his back. If we do, others will join him.

Tomorrow (2/19/11) there is a rally of patriots in Madison, organized by the outstanding American Majority. Get there if you can. Make a phone call or send a note of support. Do anything…but Do Something.

As an American President once said, “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

RandysRight also has lots of good info on the trouble in Wisconsin.

Now, Here’s a link to the ACTUAL Legislation.


Please read these 5 pages of the legislation. It appears to me that once again, the Democrats are not being truthful. This doesn’t take away the Unions bargaining power completely.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Nineteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Republican response to Mayor Bill Bell’s

“State of the City” address.

Theodore Hicks

February 15, 2011


Last Monday, February 7th, Mayor Bill Bell gave his 9th annual State of the City address.  Since the President of the United States always has a response from the opposing party, I felt it only fitting that Mayor Bell’s speech have a response from the Republican Party.

As a result, I met with the Durham Herald Sun last Monday afternoon, only a few short hours before Bell’s speech, and brainstormed the concept of a Republican Response.  They loved the idea and agreed to print my response.

Please follow this link to the Herald-Sun’s website to read the response.  And please feel free to forward the link to anyone you know … especially if they are a Durham Republican.  As I’ve stated before, it’s high time that the Republican Party in Durham have a voice.  This is where we start.

I hope to report the final date and time of the Durham County Convention soon.  Once we know the final details, I hope you’ll come out and vote for me.


Theodore Hicks

And here is the text of Ted’s response:

What about Durham’s jobs?

On Feb. 7, Mayor Bill Bell gave his 9th State of the City address. The mayor spoke of the achievements of 2010 and his vision for 2011.

Bell spoke of the economic difficulties that we face and about trying to attract employers. However, I did not hear the mayor propose any changes to make starting a business any easier, less expensive or less cumbersome.

The recent arrest of a Durham hot dog vendor is a perfect example. Steve Pruner had recently lost his job as a result of the economic downturn. He has a 26-year-old, mentally handicapped daughter. He also has a 48-year-old brother on dialysis. Both depend on Steve for support, so Steve decided to run a hot-dog cart downtown. He tried to follow the inane rules and regulations but eventually gave up and tried to do it his way.

Obviously, we cannot allow people to disregard the rules that govern our society. However, in an economic climate as difficult as the one we are in, perhaps we should review some of these rules and regulations to make it easier for people to provide for themselves.

Bell also mentioned that Durham continues to be blessed with lower unemployment than both the state and national averages. While this is indeed true, there are huge disparities in the unemployment figures that tell an unfortunate reality that needs to be addressed.

As of December 2010, the unemployment rate for Durham was 7.1 percent. However, the unemployment rate for the black community stood at 15.2 percent. The unemployment rate for black men 20 years and older stood at 16.4 percent. However, far more shocking is the unemployment rate for the young black community (both sexes, ages 16 to 19). It stood at a whopping 40.7 percent. In January, that number went up to 46.9 percent.

While our community has been making strides in reducing the dropout rate, we still allow too many kids to leave school. Hopefully, Superintendent Eric Becoats’ new strategic plan for the Durham Public School System will address this issue. In the meantime, we need job opportunities for the kids who drop out.

Unfortunately, our city council recently approved the acceptance of the Mexican matricula consular card as a valid form of identification. Some say this does not mean much. However, the passage of this resolution sent a signal to the illegal immigrant population that says, “We know you are here in this country illegally, but that doesn’t bother us in Durham. You’re welcome here.”

So what’s the connection?

Empirical evidence tells us that illegal immigrants are often employed in the trade industries. The trade industries often require very little to no formal training to enter, but allow a lucrative opportunity. So by sending the signal to the illegal immigrant population, we are saying that we don’t need those jobs for anybody else in our community. Sadly, that is not the case.

Other Links:

PDF File of the Mayor’s address.

Fact check of the Mayor’s Speech via NBC 17.

Opinions of SilenceDogood2010

If you read the Fact Check article, according to Beverly Thompson (Public Affairs Director for the City of Durham) on the unemployment data —-

“Again, I misinterpreted some information in early January when I first started gathering information on this section, and never did go back to change it”

One would think that with unemployment being one of the ‘HOT TOPICS’ of this local community, attention to details would be of the utmost priority. I guess one would be incorrect in that assumption.

Maybe the ‘Public Affairs Director’ would be a good place to CUT from the Durham City budget.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Fifteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Hicks for Durham GOP Chairman

February 13, 2011

Ted Hicks

An Endorsement by

Thomas Stith

Three term Republican member of the

Durham City Council: Dec. ’99 – Dec. ’07

Thomas Stith


During my first race for the Durham City Council, my friend and mentor Governor Jim Martin (R) graciously joined me for my official campaign kick off. Governor Martin spoke of my strong commitment to my faith and my family.  He spoke of my professional experience that had prepared me to serve the people of Durham. He said that if he was a citizen of Durham, he would cast his vote for Thomas Stith in the upcoming Durham City Council race. Governor Martin provided a strong foundation for our team to build upon which resulted in our campaign leading the ticket in the fall election of 1999.

My friends, we have the same opportunity to elect someone who will provide strong leadership not only for the Durham County Republican Party but for Durham County as well.  It is with that thought in mind, that I enthusiastically endorse Ted Hicks for the position of Chairman for the Durham County Republican Party.

Ted has distinguished himself first and foremost as a man of faith and a man who is committed to his family. While you may accurately say these are very private characteristics, today’s political challenges call for someone who is grounded in a value system that will guide their leadership. Ted Hicks has passed that test.

As a successful businessman, Ted has the leadership skills to transform our county party into a vibrate and effective entity that will not only impact our local political landscape but will develop our county party into a recognized factor at the state and national level.  He has a realistic strategic plan that will build upon the years of hard work many of us have devoted to the Durham County Republican Party and grow our county party into a relevant party organization.

Ted recognizes he cannot do it alone. It will take our collective talents to achieve success. With that spirit in mind, he has already developed a broad based team of committed Republicans to serve with him that will help make our county party one we can all join in and support. Ted is the leader that will focus our collective efforts on what we truly desire – a unified Durham County Republican Party that will serve as a mechanism for change in our community.

As you weigh your options for the upcoming Chairman’s race give some thought to three questions:

  • Who has the proven record and vision to lead our county party into an energized and vibrate organization?
  • Who has shown the leadership to bring together a broad network of Republicans in preparation to serve as Chairman?
  • Who has shown the personal commitment to work with both 30 year party members and also recruit new loyalist to the party?

My fellow Republicans, Governor Martin’s words still ring in my ears over a decade later. He knew the characteristics needed in challenging circumstances and so do I. When it is time to cast my vote for the Chairman of the Durham County Republican Party, I will cast my vote for Ted Hicks. I ask that you will do the same.

Best Regards,

Thomas Stith



Please visit Ted’s Facebook Page and forward to your friends.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Thirteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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Congressman West’s speech from yesterday.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Thirteenth Day of February in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Eleven.

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