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From the Durham, NC Herald Sun Paper:


Roy Taylor addresses the crowd on 9-12 at the State Capitol.


I guess the Democrats are really running scared now, since they are resorting to thuggery via the local Sheriffs Department.  Shame on you Mr. Padgett!


Herald Sun Article 10/30/10



Teen backers of GOP sheriff hopeful swear out warrant vs. captain

By KEITH UPCHURCH   kupchurch@heraldsun.com; 419-6612


DURHAM — Roy Taylor, the GOP candidate for Durham County sheriff, claimed that a captain in the Durham County Sheriff’s Office harassed and threatened three teen election workers campaigning for him outside the Board of Elections office Friday afternoon.


Later in the day, Taylor said, the youths appeared with their parents before a Durham County magistrate to swear out an arrest warrant against the captain, Rickey Padgett. Taylor said the magistrate referred the matter to Durham court officials. He said he learned that the complaint will be referred to the N.C. Attorney General’s Office, although that could not be confirmed with judicial officials late Friday.


“I had three poll workers — 17, 18, 19 years old — here [outside the Board of Elections office], and Capt. Padgett waited until the adults left, and then he approached them and said: ‘Y’all are stupid’ and ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about’ and ‘Roy Taylor is going to jail’ and ‘I’m going to be taking your pictures and you’re going to jail as soon as this election is over.’ ”


“And there were all kinds of poll workers who heard him,” Taylor said. “He was just out of line.”


Durham County Sheriff Worth Hill was in Raleigh when he learned of the allegations from a reporter.


“I’d have to see what the real story is,” Hill said. “It doesn’t shock me that Mr. Taylor would say something like that. But if Padgett did that, that’s something he shouldn’t do. I wouldn’t do anything like that. I wouldn’t want our people to behave like that. It’s uncalled for in any kind of election.”


Taylor, who faces Hill in Tuesday’s election, claimed that Padgett broke the law through his alleged actions.


“That’s actually a violation of North Carolina General Statutes to harass electioneers, and that’s exactly what he did. He came out here and committed a misdemeanor today.”


Kenneth Battle, the father of two of the campaign workers involved, said his sons, Donald Howze, 17, and Thomas Porter, 18, were handing out literature when a man approached and confronted them. They and the third worker, William Lee Jr., 20, did not know who the man was, but other campaign workers who observed the incident identified him as Padgett, Battle said.


Mike Ashe, director of the Durham County Board of Elections, said “Taylor’s people came and told me” about the allegations. “I told them there wasn’t much the Board of Elections could do, because it allegedly happened outside the 50-feet line near the front of the building,” which removes it from the board’s control.


Taylor said he didn’t see the alleged exchange, but that his workers called him and he came to the elections board “to make sure they were OK. It’s pretty upsetting, especially when you’re dealing with youth,” he said. “They’re good kids, just trying to be active and do something good in the community. And to have somebody who comes up and bullies them and uses their official position to harass them …”


Padgett could not be reached for comment Friday. Maj. Ricky Buchanan of the sheriff’s office said Padgett “won’t be making a statement since it’s an internal investigation.” Buchanan said he did interviews Friday in connection with the allegations and will personally be looking into Taylor’s claims.


Taylor said he wants Durham police to investigate the matter, but police spokeswoman Kimberle Walker said she wasn’t aware of the complaint Friday.


Battle said his sons would be back out campaigning today.



Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Thirtieth Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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I received this email on Friday 10/29/10.

The North Carolina Republican Party has been diligently investigating problems associated with voting machines, in particular iVotronic touch-screen voting machines in our state. These types of machines are in use in 35 of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

Reports began to surface last week of voter’s intentions not being properly registered by these machines.   The specific incidents that first came to our attention were those who were attempting to cast a straight-ticket Republican vote but the machine was verifying that a straight-ticket Democratic vote had been registered. Fortunately, these initial voters were diligent in the verification process and after repeated attempts, called the problem to the attention of poll workers who assisted in making sure that the voter’s intentions were properly tallied.

Reports of similar problems began to come in from other parts of the state and at the time of this correspondence, (5pm October 28) we now have complaints from the counties New Hanover, Craven, Cumberland, Rutherford, Lenoir and Mecklenburg.   I want to stress that there may indeed be similar issues in other counties using these same machines. To date, all documented voter issues involve attempts to cast votes for Republicans and at least one voter was a registered Democrat who was attempting to vote a straight-ticket Republican ballot.

Attorneys working on behalf of the NCGOP have been in contact with the State Board of Elections as early as last week in hopes of rectifying this issue and clarifying the causes of these problems. To date, it is our opinion that sufficient effort or progress has not been made by the State Board of Elections to ensure the integrity of the voting process.

For example, on Wednesday, October 27 the State Board of Elections conducted a informational session to instill voter confidence in Craven County, one of the first to report these problems.   Concerned citizens came to hear information on the documented reports of machines engaging in what is known as “vote flipping”, registering for the opposite party or candidate than the voters intention. Instead they were given a remedial demonstration as to the operation of the touch-screen machine.

When one citizen expressed frustration about the lack of answers to the obvious concerns of the majority in the room, he was told by the State Board of Elections official that she was only there to demonstrate the machine and if he didn’t like that, he could leave.

Just today in Craven County, two republican poll workers were fired for talking to the media about the voting irregularities and what they claim was elections officials failure to properly address the issue.

Additional skepticism surrounds this situation due to the fact that the company responsible for the sale, distribution and maintenance of these machines has made headlines recently for questionable dealings in obtaining state contracts. Knowing that the ownership of the company in question, Printelect, has strong ties to the North Carolina Democratic Party and that the company itself holds a virtual monopoly on ballot printing and equipment maintenance for the state has only fueled suspicions.

This morning, NCGOP attorneys delivered a letter to the State Board of Elections demanding corrective action be taken immediately.  (a copy of that letter can be viewed here.)

Appearing that the State Board of Elections has no intentions of taking corrective action, the NCGOP is contemplating proceeding to Federal Court on Friday to seek appropriate action to ensure the validity of the voting process in North Carolina. A total of 65 counties in our state use paper ballots tabulated by optical scanners; universally considered to be highly accurate and efficient. It is not equitable that those voters leave the polling place with a higher level of confidence that the votes have been accurately recorded than those using touch-screen machines.

Make no mistake; the NCGOP will not stand idly by and watch one of the most important rights we hold as Americans become subject to at best, a random game of electronic chance and at worst, an effort to subvert the political process.

Paid for by the North Carolina Republican Executive Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Ninth Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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Great analogy of our current situation by a Patriot friend of mine…Conservative Carl.

Image is the property of JohnCoxArt. http://www.johncoxart.com/2010/10/shovel_ready.html

Storm the Beaches October 27, 2010  by Conservative Carl

With all of the election chatter out there, it’s easy to get lost in the tossing waves of mixed messages, and non-spin-sounding spin. The problem is, these messages can really get a guy down, and worse, sway a cynical, unreliable voter to once again “forget” to vote. Well here’s the deal . . .

When it comes to saving freedom in the world, this is real! This is D-Day for liberty, and this time, the part of the Allied Army is being played by the American voter (that’s you). Every farmer, factory worker, school teacher, radio repair man, cigarette girl, and soda jerk needs to drop what he’s doing and join up.

Through November 2nd, we will be storming the beaches with everything we’ve got. The Axis Powers are spraying our ranks with lies, and dropping mortars of voter fraud on our positions. Try as they might, many of us have already established our positions in a voting booth, and we have the battle-hardened smiles to prove it.

If you haven’t voted yet, guess what? You are the critical second wave! We need you to back us up—Push us further up the beach. Advancement may be slow, but just when it seems as though freedom may be lost, you realize there is nothing behind you but the cold, lapping waves of socialism. There is no retreat. There’s only one way to go: forward, up the beach!

So, Vote Now. It’s do or die. Let’s claim this beachhead, and once we have it secured, we can finally begin to work our way inland. It won’t be easy, but I think we’ll be past the hedgerows, and chasing the enemy out of Paris before we know it—I’m thinking perhaps around November, 2012.

Silences comments:

Be able to tell your grandkids that You, were part of 2nd Greatest Generation. As of now, The ‘Greatest Generation’ is slowly leaving us. These heroes are in their 80’s and 90’s. They are the men & women who fought for your freedoms, during the early to mid 1940’s, in World War II. They fought against the Evils of Socialism and an evil Power Hungry individual.

Study history folks…. Really study history, not just what we were taught in school. The internet is a powerful tool, use it as such. Take a break from your Facebook Farmville, or your Chatroom gossip, or your other likes, and really look into history. I assure you, what you’ll find, is NOT what you or I were taught in school.

I’m going to leave you with an ancient riddle. This is actually what is known as “The Riddle of the Sphinx”.

The Riddle:

“What creature goes on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at mid-day, and 3 Legs in the evening and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?”

And by some accounts, there was a second riddle:

“There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.”

The reason I posted the riddles is to show that no matter where we are in time, the important things are constant.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…..

….and don’t forget to pray.

George Washington praying at Valley Forge

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Seventh Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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TO: Citizens of Durham, NC;

If you go to cast your vote early, chances are you will run into this THUG: Jackie Wagstaff.

Wave to Miss Jackie (Suggested wave is with a single finger) when you see her loitering outside the polls.

Getting cred in Durham By RUTH SHEEHAN, Staff Writer

Thank goodness for J-Dub. The Durham politician formerly known as Jackie Wagstaff (referred to by others as Jackie Wag-lips) has pimped her ride to the mayor’s office with hip-hop lingo and, remarkably, a dose of honesty.
The former City Council and school board member has stressed her “run-ins with the law” — that would be two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretense — in her gangsta campaign for mayor. In fact, Wagstaff said last month that she was the only candidate with the street credibility to solve the city’s problems with gang violence and school dropouts.
Unfortunately, she was wrong.

Source of above quote.

J-Dub Wagstaff w/ Malik Z. Shabazz (of the New Black Panthers) from May 2006


Caption of the LIFE photo.

Black Panthers March On Duke Campus To Protest Rape

DURHAM, NC – MAY 1: Duke University campus police director Robert Dean (R) does not allow Malik Z. Shabazz, the national chairman of the New Black Panther Party, community activists Victoria Peterson, and Jackie Wagstaff (L) to enter Duke University May 1, 2006 in Durham, North Carolina. The action follows allegations of a sexual assault of a woman hired as a private dancer to a party attended by Duke lacrosse team members on March 13.

From a 2003 WRAL report:

DURHAM, N.C. — The battle between school board member Jackie Wagstaff and the Durham School Board returned to court Monday.

Jackie Wagstaff pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors in November for falsifying city documents to get taxpayer money. The incidents took place before she was sworn as a member of the school board.

Last week, Wagstaff filed a temporary restraining order, which stopped the Durham School Board from looking into her guilty pleas. The school board claims it is required as a matter of law to conduct an investigation to see if she is fit enough to serve. However, Wagstaff claims the school board is harassing her.

“I come to the meetings, and I have to sit through hearing arguments about removing me from the board each meeting,” she said in court.

Wagstaff’s lawyers asked a judge to make the temporary order permanent. Instead, Judge Orlando Hudson ruled it will remain on hold until next week, when there is another court hearing.

The school board says it has not made a decision to kick Wagstaff out of office, but their lawyers say previous crimes are grounds for removal.

“What if the person committed murder or child abuse or burned down a school? How could that not be the basis for removal?” said school board attorney Ann Majestic.

Hudson also ruled that the school board has to return an SBI file on Wagstaff. He said the report should not have been provided to the State Board of Education.

And this quote from a Raleigh N&O article from 2005

Wagstaff said she will use her contacts, including active gang members, to help register 5,000 voters ages 18 to 21 to support her in the Oct. 11 city primary. She seemed unconcerned that the deadline for registering new voters is two weeks away.

“We’re going to beat the streets to get voters,” she said. “We’re going to go into the public housing communities. I’m not scared to go anywhere.”

Wagstaff called media outlets to the sidewalk in front of the Durham Public Schools downtown administration building to outline her campaign platform. She was flanked by a handful of supporters dubbed the “J-Unit.” Several held signs critical of school Superintendent Ann Denlinger. Another equated the Durham schools to the county jail.

And here is a blog by La Shawn Barber on J-Dub!


The ‘Liberal’ Indy Week editorial from Dec 2002 says;

Wagstaff’s forgery conviction is but the latest of her exploits that inspire something less than confidence in her leadership and management skills. But if board members move to prevent her taking the seat, the board will be divided and distracted in yet another battle along racial lines that will cripple its ability to attend to the school system’s real needs. After the board voted Nov. 27 to further review the case, Wagstaff threatened war with individual board members if they dared judge her unfit (comments published by the Herald-Sun in its online version but later removed). If it comes to that, expect her to claim once again that she’s just doing it for the kids.

And look what she’s is doing NOW! Click HERE to see the Justice4Nifong site. That’s right folks…. She is now claiming that Mike Nifong was WRONGED!!!!! Law’d have mercy!

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Sixth day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two thousand Ten.

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This is a copy/paste from another Patriot friend. This was originally posted on WRAL’s GOLO site. My buddy, Bart (aka Trabman_san on GOLO), entire profile was shut down on Sunday 10/24/2010.  He had requested that I save a few of his older blogs for prosperity.


From WRAL’s GOLO Site Trabman_san’s Blog



Published August 11, 2009   Views: 3599

Last night(August 10, 2009) from 7-8 pm, Time Warner Cable ran a “Call-In Town hall meeting with US Congressman David Price”. It was broadcast as a Live event for you to call in & ask questions.


From the office of David Price:

Congressman Price’s award-winning public affairs show, Keeping in Touch, will air live Monday, August 10th at 7pm on Channel 24 on Time Warner Cable.

On his show Congressman Price will take questions from callers.  You can ask a question on the air by calling 1-800-849-0632 during the live broadcast.  Price will answer as many questions as time allows.
For more information on Keeping in Touch, including the re-broadcast schedule, visit the Time Warner Cable’s local programming website.


It was completely “Staged“. When you called the number, you got an automated message that there was “NO LIVE Broadcast at this time.”

Can you believe the  Gall of this guy….Price finally agrees to meet with his constituents via TWC Cable access chan 24, and it’s all a “FRONT“. I was watching them answer a call, & tell the caller to turn the TV down and everything, but it was all fake, probably pre-recorded calls.

I even called the WRAL Newsroom number. I talked to Amanda, who was very nice on the phone. Kudo’s Amanda @ WRAL. Anyway, I informed them of the congressmen’s town hall meeting as it was happening…. I don’t know if WRAL can monitor TWC or not, but hopefully they will question Mr. Price on this.

Call him today and ask him about that. He is refusing to meet with the people he represents.

David Price
Durham Office
411 W. Chapel Hill Street
NC Mutual Building, 9th Floor
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919.688.3004
Fax: 919.688.0940

I have called his office this morning, and as usual, I got nothing but voicemails. I also called Richard Burr’s office & Marianna told me that she was not aware of this & she would inform Richard. I have also reported this to several Major news organizations.




Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fifth Day of October in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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Here’s one I couldn’t help but repost!








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Hat tip to RandysRight blog for tipping me off about this local issue here in NC.


And here is text of 2 separate news stories from WCTI Channel 12 from the New Bern / Greenville area of NC.

New Bern — Voters in Craven County are complaining that voting machines are selecting people they do not want to vote for. Sam Laughinghouse of New Bern and Diana Creel say the machines marked off candidates they did not want to vote for when they touched the screens on the voting machines.

Craven County Elections Director Erin Burridge says the calibration on the machines was off and needed to be adjusted. She says everyone that has had a problem so far has been able to alert an elections judge to make sure their votes are cast for the desired candidates.

The state board of elections sent out a memo to every county on Wednesday recommending every machine be recalibrated every day to prevent more problems. The elections director in Wilmington says machines had similar problems on the first day of early voting but all worked correctly after recalibrating the machines.

Source:  Click HERE

Another story at WCTI Channel 12 out of New Bern, N.C.

Another Craven County voter is telling NewsChannel 12 she had a problem voting at the polls.

“Our vote is not being registered the way we want it to be, it is going to the other candidate,” says Diana Creel.

Creel says a red flag went up for her while voting in Havelock  when the woman in front of her began having problems with the voting machine. (Silence’s Note: Havelock, NC is home to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point)

“She had problems, whenever she checked a candidate, it always popped to another one,” says Creel.

Creel says she had the same problem and she notified an election official who helped her sort out the machine, but then…

“I pressed confirm and the screen went totally black,” tells Creel.

Now she says she isn’t sure if her vote was counted.

The Craven County Board of Elections released an official statement saying it is “aware of isolated issues experienced by voters at onestop sites in the county.”

But says in each case the voters were able to cast their ballot.

The board of elections says a calibration issue with the screen is to blame and “each morning every voting unit is calibrated as per manufacturer instruction by trained election rovers.”

But Creel still worries if it happens to some one else, they may not catch the error.

“Because I feel that every vote is special, it can make a difference,” tells Creel.

The Craven County Board of Elections says if a voter has any difficulty casting their vote, they should notify an election official immediately.

Source: Click HERE

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