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Well it seems ole Bob Etheridge has flown of the handle again. Remember this clip from a little while back????

And here is a Remix to go with the above clip.

Please support Renee Ellmers in any way you can. Send her money, sign up to make some phone calls or volunteer w/ her campaign.  She will do a much better job in DC than Bob-O!

For Renee Ellmers message, click here.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Sixth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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Censorship is alive and well in the good old USA

I have a favor to ask.

Go to one of the major search engines. I use either Google, Bing or Yahoo myself. I just tried to re-locate a news story that I read yesterday. I couldn’t find it. Now honestly, I did not go 3 pages deep in the search results, but the returns on the front page (Both Google & Yahoo) were to blog sites and NOT to ANY of the major news outlets.

I am pretty sure that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and others that are supporters of George Soros and that bunch(you all know who I’m referring to) would not have the story in the 1st place. I saw the story yesterday on BOTH the Wall Street Journal AND Fox News.

Yet today…only a little over 24 hours since the story hit, you would think that a search engine WOULD provide an accurate search result?  Well, you would be INCORRECT!

I just did a search using this phrase/criteria:

“Islamic threats in Florida”

I got nothing but blog pages…. Jihadwatch returned a lot of hits but no WSJ or Fox returns from the general search. I also tried some other word combinations that were NOT the actual title of the story. Still no results other than blog pages.

Folks, this bothers me. I don’t want ANYBODY telling me what I can read and what I can NOT read! Telling me what I can view & what I CAN NOT view. And most certainly, if I know for a fact that something exists, and I tell someone to look it up, I expect them to be able to find it.  Whether it is Politically Correct or NOT!

Here comes Godwin’s Rule:



Here’s the 2 stories I was really looking for:

Wall Street Journal News Story from Monday 8/23/10


FOX News story from Monday 8/23/10


Now for the Favor….. See if YOU can find either one of these stories just by doing a search. Pretend you didn’t KNOW that they were there. Let me know your results.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fourth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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I have received the same email from several of my friends recently. This morning I received it again, but something ‘CLICKED’ this time. I’m taking the liberty to retell the story from a political viewpoint. I hope you find it both humorous and inspirational.

The Black Labrador in the following photos represents our current Local, State, and Federal  Governments. I’ll call him “Big Sam“(alias for Uncle Sam) for this tale. The 2 Squirrels represent the American people with the momma squirrel being the Conservatives (aka the TEA Party folks) and the baby squirrel being just that, the younger, naive generation. I’ll name the momma squirrel “Lady Liberty” and the baby squirrel “Dumbo“. Ok…here we go with our tale.

Dumbo is out doing their thing on any given day. It’s a pleasant day in America and Dumbo is carefree, happy as a lark, listening to his IPOD, drinking a Latte or an imported beer. Discussing what happened on American Idol the night before. Feeling sorry for poor ole Lindsey Lohan. Trusting the American Main Stream Media. He likes to watch CNN & MSNBC because his liberal teachers tell him that a FOX is EVIL and will destroy him!  Dumbo is NOT paying attention to the possible dangers that lurk in the shadows from Big Sam. (Note that all of the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them)

All of a sudden, Big Sam makes his move.  Now, Dumbo’s life itself is threatened and little Dumbo doesn’t know how to handle this.  Dumbo thinks that it’s OK to play nice with the evil Big Sam. Big Sam says we must be tolerant of  Islam, that it is just fine to leave our borders open for any Tom, Dick or Harry to  saunter on in. In the above pic, you’ll notice Big Sam has complete control of Dumbos surroundings…completely engulfed.

Now, Lady Liberty is watching, from the sidelines so to speak. She is ‘Deeply Concerned’ about this scenario which is playing out right before her eyes.What must I do?” she ponders

She decides that she needs to show some resistance against Big Sam. So, she makes initial contact with Big Sam by calling her representatives, writing letters, sending emails etc. This doesn’t seem to phase Big Sam though. He continues his attack on Dumbo, and Dumbo still  hasn’t realized that Big Sam is “A THREAT“. You’ll notice that if Dumbo was aware of the dangers, he would have run away  already.  But NO, Dumbo STILL thinks things are fine.


Big Sam is now beginning to get irritated with Lady Liberty and starts to growl, snarl and bite back. Lady Liberty is messing with Big Sam’s agenda. Notice Dumbo is STILL hanging around. He has not fled the scene yet. He still thinks that Big Sam is alright and is not going to hurt him. Lady Liberty though, is in the fight of her life. She has the wisdom and the courage to stand up and fight. And from the look on Big Sam’s face,  he realizes that he just might haveBitten off more than he can Chew

There is a happy ending though…..

Lady Liberty and Dumbo will be alright. They have escaped the Tyrant Big Sam. Even though Big Sam was a lot bigger and stronger, Lady Liberty emerges with her life and Freedoms. Yes, she’s scratched up and bruised a little, but she and Dumbo will prevail.

Dumbo will receive a stern reprimand though because of his complacency and stupidity. And as Dumbo grows a little older, he will remember this day and the lesson learned.

The last picture here ALSO represents the looks on the faces of the DemocRATS on the morning of November 3, 2010 when they wake up, and they realize that they just got their asses kicked by a bunch of TEA Party Conservatives.

Morale to the Story: Even when things seems down and out, AND you’re facing a EVIL opponent….fighting for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will always prevail!

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty Fourth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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Warning: This Blog contains very Graphic Images and  the links to the Truthtube-TV clips are brutal Murders performed By Muslims. I have inserted characters only to create a buffer to prevent the viewer from seeing the upsetting photos.

I strongly urge you to view the contents of this post thoroughly. Americans need to be taught the truth about this Cultural Cancer.

Scroll down ONLY if you wish to view the Truth about Islam. Thank you.











The Photos above are some of Islam’s work near our Southern Border w/ Mexico (click on the image for a little larger view)

Barack Hussein Obama supports the building of a new Mosque at Ground Zero. And the American people seem to believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. Here are some facts concerning the Muslim Religion.


 Warning: Extreme Graphics of Muslims Sawing off peoples heads. (Update on December 7, 2011 – The Truthtube videos have been blocked)





 Now, here’s one without all the blood & guts. Just information on Islam


 And a Message from a British gentleman trying to wake us up.



Please do your own homework & research on “TAQIYYA”





“This ‘Holy Lying’ is known as taqiyya (sometimes spelled taqiya or taquiya)”



Interesting Jpg image, with text, for your review posted below.

Click image for larger view.

His Wiki page:


Saddened to submit these videos and information, but I feel that I must make the American people aware of the horrors of Sharia Law, the deception called Taqiyya & the Islamic Culture as a whole. SilenceDogood2010 this Twenty First Day of August, in the Year of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, Two Thousand Ten.

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Update: Sorry folks, the pictures seemed to have been removed. I’m guessing that the copy  & Paste that I did from the email has some  missing code to view them here. I have attempted to fix this on 8/23/10 at 6:20pm EDT.

Just received this email from a patriot friend. Please note that I have NOT vetted each & every one of these photos. Some of these could be photos from floods other than the one that occured on August 10, 2010.

Here’s the coverage by our award winning  Media(sarcasm implied):


And here is a screen grab from another Patriot friend of mine just a few minutes ago. It’s of Yahoo’s home page. Notice the littlePakistan Relief’ button directly underneath the YAHOO Main Logo. Why is an American company, going out of it’s way to promote the assistance to a foreign nation BEFORE supporting relief for our own countrymen?

Where are the Hollywood celebrities holding telethons asking for help in  restoring Iowa and helping the folks affected by the floods? Where is good old Michael Moore?

Why  is the media NOT asking the tough questions about why  the federal government hasn’t solved this problem? Asking  where the FEMA trucks and trailers and food services  are?

Why  isn’t the Federal government moving Iowa people into free hotels in Chicago and Minneapolis ?

When will Spike Lee say that the Federal Government blew up the levees that failed in Des Moines ?

Where are Sean Penn, Bono, Jennifer Aniston and the Dixie Chicks?

Where  are all the looters stealing high-end tennis shoes, cases of beer and television sets?

When will we hear Governor Chet Culver say that he wants to rebuild a  ‘vanilla’ Iowa …Because that’s what God wants?

Where  is the hysterical 24/7 media coverage complete with reports of  shootings at rescuers, of rapes and murder?

Where are all the people screaming that Barack Obama hates white, rural people? My God, where are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Oprah, and Ray Coniff Jr?

How come you will never hear about the Iowa flooding ever again?  Where are the government bail out vouchers? The government debit  cards?

There must be one hell of a big difference between the values of the people…

[What was that phrase that Dr. Martin Luther King used in his famous speech??? Oh yeah, I remember it now…it was to judge a person NOT  by the color of their skin, but judge them by The Content of Their Character (TCOTC)]

…of Iowa and the values & TCOTC of the people of Louisiana . Pass this information forward ….. To get Americans thinking.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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What happens when you have  NC Conservative Candidates, one of which who happens to own a Chipper Shredder?

Well, you schedule a fun event! How about we put that chipper to GOOD use & shred the entire IRS Tax Code!

When:     August 21, 2010

Where:   Jim Martin Building at the NC State Fairgrounds

Schedule of events:

12:30 to 2:00 – Meet and Greet with FairTax representatives and Congressional Candidates

2:00 to 3:30  – Welcome from Michael Patton, District 4 Volunteer Director for the FairTax

Message from Senator Burr by Jennifer Cusato, Regional Political Director

Dr. Mike Beitler, Senate Candidate

Tom Rose, District 2 Candidate

Lon Cecil, District 12 Candidate

Bill Randall, District 13 Candidate

B.J. Lawson, District 4 Candidate

3:30 – Join the Congressional Candidates outside for the Shredding of the IRS Tax Code

There is still time to sponsor the event at www.ncfairtax.org

Please note that is a Public Service Announcement ONLY.

Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Twentieth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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This needs no words to describe it. Go grab your Children & Grandchildren, Nieces & Nephews, and sit them down to watch this few minutes of video. Thank you to Louisiana Gun & remember, this is the “Sacred Flame of the American Way

Here is the link:


Respectfully submitted by SilenceDogood2010 this Eighteenth Day of August in the Year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten.

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